Tuesday, October 9, 2007

9/11 "Truth" Movement Leader Stopped From Airing Pro-Nazi TV Show (For Now)

What possible connection could 9/11 have with the Holocaust? Steve Campbell, who advocates for what he calls "9/11 truth" (which frequently translates to bigoted lies), sees a connection. He sees the history of both 9/11 and the Holocaust as products of a Jewish conspiracy to dominate the world. Campbell has a track record of posting links to anti-Semitic conspiracy websites on mainstream media sites, in letters such as this one to the Glenwood Springs, Colorado Post Independent. (An identical letter was removed from the Aspen Daily Times website for hate speech content.) He's also published Holocaust denial propaganda in letters to the editor such as this one to the Aspen Daily Times.

Campbell started small, showing videos blaming Jews for 9/11 at his local library. When nobody came to see them, he focused his attention on his local public access / free speech cable channel which he convinced to show several such videos in spite of protests from viewers that they promoted hate. Now Campbell's campaign to spread anti-Semitism under the guise of promoting "9/11 truth" has hit a road bump. He has tried to have an overtly pro-Nazi film called "Judea Declares War on Germany" shown and that has drawn attention to the truth about this "truth" advocate.

After some consideration of whether or not to show the film, the station has declined, pending further discussion. Campbell is now receiving the support of neo-Nazi groups such as the National Alliance (the largest neo-Nazi group in the U.S.) in postings such as this, which has organized a letter writing campaign for the telecast of the pro-Nazi film.

the full story from the Aspen Daily Times: "Holocaust-denial film blocked in Aspen"

A controversial Holocaust-denial film is raising questions about free speech at Grassroots Television, an Aspen community-access station.

Steve Campbell, founder of Citizens for 9/11 Truth, asked the station to air “Judea Declares War on Germany: A Critical Look at World War II” on Monday, but Grassroots board members stopped the screening.

The one-hour program features Dr. Frederick Toben, an Australian and member of the Adelaide Institute, an organization that denies that the Holocaust happened. [NOTE: MORE ON THE ADELAIDE INSTITUTE HERE]

“This film is offensive not only to Jews in the world but to any sensible person,” said Grassroots Executive Director John Masters.

But the question of airing the film he called “like an homage to [Joseph] Goebbels” has stirred a “healthy debate” at the community TV station, Masters said.

“Judea Declares War on Germany” will be pre-empted by an Aspen High School football game and delayed until after an upcoming Grassroots board meeting.

Questioning historical assumptions about the Holocaust brands anyone a “hater,” Campbell said.

“I think there’s a lot of preconceived ideas that have been indoctrinated into people’s minds as to what the Holocaust is all about,” Campbell said. Showing the film would give people an opportunity to decide for themselves, he said.

In the film, Toben says “alleged” concentration camp gas chambers were used to save lives by disinfecting prisoners and that the Holocaust was a fabrication.

“You are not supposed to learn these historical facts, which are contained in this video,” Toben said in the film.

According to the Adelaide Institute website, Toben has faced litigation and is under a federal gag order in Australia.

Campbell delivered the DVD to Grassroots on Thursday and sent board members copies of letters to local newspapers announcing the screening.

In the past, Campbell has aired controversial films on Grassroots TV trying to debunk facts about the Sept. 11 attack. He said he has not run into this problem before.

“John was very defending of Grassroots programming and being able to air just about anything except pornography and obscenity,” Campbell said. “I’d think the board members would look at the Grassroots policies and say that [the film] doesn’t fall into the realm of something that deserves censorship.”

Begun in 1971, Grassroots airs community programs twice for free and charges for additional screenings or special placement, Masters said.

Masters has not had to deny any program before, he said.

“I’ve personally always felt that if you don’t want to watch something, then turn it off.”
Alan Feldman, president of the board of directors at Grassroots, called the film “bigoted” and “historically inaccurate.”

Feldman said the board is not skirting the issue or denying Campbell’s right to air the film, but is giving the issue “tremendous attention.”

“Certainly I think this world would be a much better place if we didn’t have to address issues of bigotry and anti-Semitism,” Feldman said. “But I also welcome the opportunity to address them from an intellectual standpoint.”


UPDATE (10/11/2007 4 pm EST): THE STORY CONTINUES HERE: Is "9/11 Truth" Movement Leader Working With Neo-Nazis?

UPDATE (10/11/2007 8 pm EST): Grassroots TV held a hearing today concerning whether they should air the pro-Nazi video. The Aspen Times reports that 50 people attended, that many people spoke both for and against the broadcast, and that the debate was heated. The Board of Directors are deliberating and have set no date for their decision.


Anonymous said...

This post is full of misinformation and outright lies. Adam Holland claims to know what this is all about but he hasn't a clue. Who is the one with an agenda of hate and bigotry here? It isn't Steve Campbell, who I know personally. It's popular these days to label anyone with alternative views about Israel, 9/11 or the Holocaust, a "hater." But I've heard more hatred directed at Steve Campbell than has ever been heard from him. This issue is at the very heart of free speech. The whole idea of protecting free speech is to keep those who are offended by someone's views from stifling their ability to air them. It's simple; if you are for censorship, you are against freedom.

Adam Holland said...


1) What in the post is incorrect? If you know of something in it that's wrong, please be specific.

2) Does the fact that your friend Steve Campbell promotes anti-Semitic websites and telecasts neo-Nazi programs give you any cause for concern?

3) When did I advocate censorship?

4) What do you mean by "alternative views about...the Holocaust"?

5) Do you believe me when I tell you that it IS possible to advocate peace WITHOUT promoting Nazi propaganda? If so, maybe your friend should give that a try.

Anonymous said...


1. Virtually everything is wrong, but I’ll just address these…

["9/11 truth" (which generally translates to bigoted lies)]

This is your opinion. Many credible and non-bigoted people question the official 9/11 story.

[Campbell started small, showing videos blaming Jews for 9/11 at his local library.]

Steve showed dozens of videos that asked and attempted to answer questions about how and why 9/11 happened. The videos did not “blame Jews” for 9/11.

[When nobody came to see them, he focused his attention on his local public access / free speech cable channel]

Dozens of people came to see them. It’s becoming a topic of interest for many in this community and others.

[Now Campbell's campaign to spread anti-Semitism under the guise of promoting "9/11 truth" has hit a road bump.]

Steve does not “campaign to spread anti-Semitism.” He believes that these videos will awaken people to a greater understanding of the power structure that determines the quality of life for the people of this planet. He has no hatred of Jews and his intention is not malicious in any way.

[He has tried to have an overtly pro-Nazi film called "Judea Declares War on Germany" shown]

The film is not overtly pro-Nazi. It is an alternate interpretation exploring various anomalies in the official Holocaust story. It acknowledges that Jews were persecuted and killed by Hitler. It doesn’t portray Jews as evil, it doesn’t promote hatred of Jews, it doesn’t glorify the Nazi Party. It is simply a presentation of research about the Holocaust that doesn’t jive with the current accepted view.

2. No, because that isn’t what Steve is doing. Those who are trying to make this about Jews and about hatred and bigotry are the ones promoting hatred and bigotry! They are utilizing the very methods of hate that they say they are trying to protect us from.

3. There is no specific call for censorship, but the entire post seems to be worded so as to make it appear that you believe this film should not be shown. Besides, I was speaking generally about anyone who tries to prevent an unpopular view from being heard.

4. I believe I addressed that already in #1.

5. Steve and I met in a peace organization dedicated to informing the public about policies which lead to war and terrorism. Steve’s efforts are without malice and are only intended to help empower people with information. It is left to the viewers to decide whether it is the truth or not.

You and others who portray Steve and his videos as hateful and malicious are the ones whose motives I question. What is everyone so afraid of?

Adam Holland said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adam Holland said...


With respect to my purported inaccuracies:

1) The bigoted lies relating to 9/11 that I referred to in my post are Campbell's. He blames Jews for 9/11. I acknowledge that there are other "9/11 truth" people who are motivated by other types of distorted thinking, but your friend Campbell seems to have found a comfortable home in the 'Jewish conspiracy to dominate the world' camp.

2) You say the videos your friend Campbell showed at his local library didn't blame the Jews for 9/11, but the press reports indicate that they did. "'Concerns about the anti-Semitic nature of some 9/11 videos were raised early on,' said GrassRoots TV Executive Director John Masters."

And here's the Aspen Daily New on what Campbell says about his own views"

"'I think this was all planned way in advance,' he said, 'and of course our government is largely controlled by the Zionists and the oil interests, and those two elements are pivotal in the carrying out of 9/11.'

"He blames a mainstream media 'largely controlled by Jewish interests,' for failing to question government accounts." --Aspen Daily News "Five years later, 9/11 doubters linger" 09/11/2006

3) The press reports also indicate that attendance was poor. "Campbell began showing videos in the Glenwood Springs library, but was disappointed when few people turned out." --Aspen Daily News "Five years later, 9/11 doubters linger" 09/11/2006

4) You say "Steve does not “campaign to spread anti-Semitism.” " But he has published links to the anti-Semitic website Come-and-hear.com in the guise of a letter to the editor of the Aspen Times. This website publishes false quotes from the Talmud to spread hate against Jews. Campbell linked to a piece by Elizabeth Dilling called "The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today" which claims that Jews commit ritual murder and a myriad of other crimes under Talmudic influence. It is as virulently anti-Semitic as anything ever written. Judge for yourself:


Go ahead and claim that Campbell doesn't have a track record of promoting anti-Semitism. It says much more about your poor judgment than about the evidence.

5) Concerning the pro-Nazi film that Campbell wants to telecast, the one produced by the neo-Nazi Adelaide Institute, the one promoting Holocaust denial, the one presenting the Jews as the cause of World War II, you say that it isn't pro-Nazi...it just wants to present an alternative interpretation of history that doesn't jibe with the currently accepted view. That is also a lie and can be judged as such by anyone unlucky enough to be familiar with the film or with the Adelaide Institute. This group, which is led by Fredrick Toben, supports Nazism, devotes itself to Holocaust denial through publications and conferences, and disseminates hate via the internet.

6) You say that those opposed to Campbell's bigotry are the bigots, but you do not explain. Thanks for that.

7) You admit that I don't call for censorship, but that the tone of my post was not supportive of showing the film. This is the most difficult issue you raise: what to do with hate speech. Considering that this case does not involve government restrictions on speech, it isn't a question of Campbell's rights being violated. No one can claim to have the right to broadcast on someone else's station. The station he utilizes for his telecasts has a free speech policy, but also a no hate speech policy. Campbell, in spite of his disgraceful track record, would probably still be welcome to telecast his other conspiracy videos. He just can't promote hate groups, or defame ethnic or religious groups. That's not a tragedy in my book. I am for both the right to free speech and the right for minorities not to be harmed. Our rights to free speech are intact and my children don't have to fear walking down the street in Aspen. That's a good deal.

8) What do you mean by "alternative views about the Holocaust"? Are you a Holocaust denier? What is the connection to 9/11?

9) Through what peace group did you meet Campbell? Is this sort of material commonplace in that group? Why? Do you really think that Jews are responsible for 9/11?

Anonymous said...

1.He does not blame Jews, his concern is with Zionism. Saying he blames Jews is a way of twisting the truth to make him look bad. It is a fact that the Israel lobby consists of some the most powerful and influential groups in our country. So Steve believes there is a Zionist conspiracy to dominate the world. How is that hate speech?

2. Because a newspaper reports that someone had concerns about the anti-Semitic nature of some videos, doesn’t mean they were anti-Semitic. Just that some thought they were. Again, twisting the truth to make it appear to be what it isn’t. I never claimed Steve is not a conspiracy theorist. He clearly is, but that doesn’t constitute hate speech or malice against Jews.

3. Steve was disappointed that only fifteen to twenty people turned out instead of hundreds. Because he believes in these theories so strongly, he thinks it’s important for more people to see the film.

4. I can’t verify if that’s true, but Steve often provides links to websites that have information on the theories about the 9/11 events and the Holocaust and Zionism. If those websites have links to anti-Semitic or Nazi info, Steve is accused of linking to hate sites. Steve’s concern as I said before, is Zionism. If he seeks to discredit Zionism, it isn’t because he hates Jews, it’s because he believes it is a dangerous influence on our governmental policies.

5. So he’s not very discriminating when it comes to picking these videos. He believes there might be something to the content of the film, and is not concerned with the agenda of the group or person that made it. The film is not trying to portray Nazis as heroes and Jews as evil, it’s just pointing out the influence of Zionism in the events leading up to, during, and after WWII. Suspicion of Zionism is not hate speech, nor bigotry, nor anti-Semitism, it’s just suspicion of Zionism.

6. Bigot: intolerant person, somebody with strong opinions who refuses to accept different views. That sounds more like the people who are badmouthing Steve than Steve himself.

7. This film, as I’ve demonstrated does not in any way qualify as hate speech. Claiming a different version of the events of WWII does not hurt or endanger anyone, it doesn’t provoke hatred or violence. If people are offended by it, they don’t have to watch. It’s called self-censorship. What gives you or anyone else the right to keep other people from seeing it and making up their own minds?

8. If you want to know what I mean about alternative views, just watch the film, I’m not going to give you a whole synopsis. After you’ve watched it, please tell me which parts are hateful and bigoted. I don’t really know what a Holocaust denier is, but I’m pretty sure I’m not one. I could care less either way as I don’t think there is much use in looking backward. Connection to 9/11? Hell if I know! Steve and I parted ways a long time ago on these subjects. I never said I thought he was right about these theories, I just said he shouldn’t be labeled a hating anti-Semitic bigot for wanting to share his beliefs with others. His methods may be crude, but his motives are benign.

9. Steve branched off and started his own group “Citizen’s for 9/11 Truth” because our peace group didn’t want to go in that direction. The question of whether Jews were responsible for 9/11 is just ludicrous. You can’t substitute Jews for Zionism whenever you want to make someone appear anti-Semitic. 9/11 conspiracies, Holocaust revisionism, Israel’s apartheid policies and human rights abuses, all get lumped under anti-Semitism, and the person who speaks about any of these topics is demonized.

Again I ask, what are you so afraid of? What’s the terrible thing that is going to happen if Steve’s film gets shown? Is everyone in the Roaring Fork Valley going to take up pitchforks and go after the Jews? Please explain your fear?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Neo-Nazi-leftist "peace" camp alliance is really in full swing.


Adam Holland said...

Sue Gray:

Your friend Steve Campbell posted links to hate sites (including Come-and-hear.com) in an email to the Aspen Times and associated newspapers. Anyone can verify this; his letter containing the link is STILL ON-LINE, so your plea of ignorance is totally unconvincing (at least with respect to this issue). I am reluctant to continually post links to hate sites because that provides a resource to those who, like you, alternately support or don't care about anti-Semitic hate speech, but I will in this case to prove this point. (READERS: view these sites with caution.) Campbell's letter with links to the hate sites is online at http://www.postindependent.com and can be found by searching the terms campbell and talmud. Several of the links he published in this letter go DIRECTLY to anti-Semitic content, so your defense that he is merely linking to sites with links to this content is false.

You state that you don't oppose this hate speech because it hasn't caused lynch mobs to be formed in your area. This is a very low standard indeed. You don't oppose Holocaust denial because it is just an alternative view of history. That makes as much sense as defending the claim that the moon is green cheese as an alternative view of astronomy. You don't oppose blaming Jews for 9/11 because you can later lie about it (in spite of all the evidence) and say "I just meant Zionists". The latter argument can be debunked by reviewing http://www.savethemales.ca/000889.html, to which Campbell linked directly in his published letter. It sites as a primary source the Protocols, and it blames a "Jewish elite" for 9/11. I already provided another of Campbell's links in an earlier comment which you don't defend for one obvious reason: promotion of the blood libel is indefensible.

Maybe you can claim that the blood libel applies to Zionists, not Jews. That Zionist/Jew shell game you play is completely unconvincing because Campbell, in fact, makes a practice of promoting the view that JEWS were responsible, as I have demonstrated and you have ignored. (Moreover, promoting the view that Zionists were responsible for 9/11 is also promoting a lie based on bigotry, so using that as your defense is pretty pathetic.)

That Campbell promotes bigoted pro-Nazi propaganda doesn't bother you. Fine. You have the right to choose your friends. But why would you want to associate your pro-peace group (Roaring Fork Peace Coalition) with a pro-Nazi? When you do so, you cross the line from someone with reprehensible friends to someone with reprehensible political views. Does your group support Campbell as well or is this only your individual view?

The bottom line is that you don't care about the promotion of bigotry against Jews and I do. You want to label this a free speech issue, but you are unable to defend the content of Campbell's speech. You say, WITHOUT BEING SPECIFIC, that you've "parted ways" with him, even as you continue to defend and obfuscate his views. If, as you have said, he is not a bigot, then why do you claim to have parted ways? Even you, Sue, must have some inkling that something is amiss with Campbell when you start looking at the Adelaide Institute, Come-and-here.com, savethemales.ca,
the National Alliance, etc. Why do YOU think the National Alliance, the largest neo-Nazi group in the country, supports your friend Steve Campbell?

Two more questions, Sue:

1) How do you explain the following?

2) Do you consider the National Alliance an ally in the peace movement?

Anonymous said...

Sue Gray:


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Adam for taking the time to expose this nonsense in detail. It's valuable work.

Bald Headed Geek said...

Fabulous, fabulous post (and blog). I am linking to you on m blogroll, and will link to this post in particular. Great stuff!


Adam Holland said...

Thanks Geek! Or is that Mr. Geek?

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for the post, Adam, and for taking the time to refute "Sue's" minimizing and obfuscating these clearly misojudaic cannards promulgated by by Campbell and his ilk. Analytic criticism will always trump troofer conspiracy theories and their whiny, infantile tantrums insisting on equal time alternate explanations/competing narratives as a "free speech" issue. Moral responsibility is of the highest order with respect to illuminating historical truths. Troofers are without a doubt as morally indiscriminate as they come.


Anonymous said...

As I’ve clearly stated several times now, I am not defending the content of the video, just the ability to have it shown on Grassroots TV. Yes it may be offensive to some, especially Jews, but it is not hateful, bigoted, or dangerous. At least no one has yet explained how it is dangerous.

[You state that you don't oppose this hate speech because it hasn't caused lynch mobs to be formed in your area.]

No, that’s not what I said. I said I don’t oppose the showing of this film, which is not hate speech, because I don’t see the danger. You still haven’t explained how it is a threat to anyone to have the film shown.

[You don't oppose Holocaust denial because it is just an alternative view of history. That makes as much sense as defending the claim that the moon is green cheese as an alternative view of astronomy.]

That’s right. If some conspiracy theorist wants to promote the idea that the moon is green cheese, so what? It doesn’t change the facts. Just like this film doesn’t change the facts of the Holocaust. It doesn’t even deny that the Holocaust took place as some people are claiming.

[You don't oppose blaming Jews for 9/11 because you can later lie about it (in spite of all the evidence) and say "I just meant Zionists".]

I didn’t say that either. For the record, I don’t believe Jews are to blame for 9/11. Stop putting words in my mouth.

[That Campbell promotes bigoted pro-Nazi propaganda doesn't bother you.]

It doesn’t bother me, because I don’t believe that is his intention. That is your interpretation. Just as everyone is classifying the film as Holocaust denial, hate-speech, and pro-Nazi propaganda. It’s none of those. It’s just a flimsy revisionist conspiracy theory, which most people would laugh off if they saw it. What are you so afraid of?

[You have the right to choose your friends. But why would you want to associate your pro-peace group (Roaring Fork Peace Coalition) with a pro-Nazi? …Does your group support Campbell as well or is this only your individual view?]

Adam you’ve shown that Steve has indeed linked to anti-Semitic websites. I stand corrected and I have no defense for that. In fact the Roaring Fork Peace Coalition removed Steve from its steering committee, and excluded him from access to our email list because of concerns about the types of websites and articles he was sending out.

I still contend that Steve’s concern is with Zionism and does not stem from a hatred of Jews, but you seem to think that it’s all the same thing. So are you a Zionist then?

[If, as you have said, he is not a bigot, then why do you claim to have parted ways?]

Because I don’t hold with the conspiracy theories about 9/11 and I have had no desire to look into the Holocaust revisionism. It just doesn’t interest me and I see no point in it. The only reason I’m involved in this conversation about it is because I’ve had personal experience with the Jewish community trying to shut me up and calling me hateful, anti-Semitic and bigoted. I just believe people should be able to express their views about Israel, Zionism, whatever, without being demonized.

[Why do YOU think the National Alliance, the largest neo-Nazi group in the country, supports your friend Steve Campbell?]

Probably because he is an unwitting pawn of their agenda. One of the disagreements Steve and I had was over credibility. I think promoting 9/11 and Holocaust conspiracy theories undermines one’s credibility, and leaves you open to being used by groups such as the National Alliance.

[1) How do you explain the following? http://natallnews.com/story.php?id=6152]

Not being Jewish, it just appears foolish but benign. I can see though how you and other Jewish people would find it insulting and threatening. I don’t condone organizations and websites like that, but this is America, and we are human, and these things are bound to be part of our experience. My view is that as long as they don’t hurt anybody, just ignore them. Their views are stupid and childish, just like most conspiracy theories.

[2) Do you consider the National Alliance an ally in the peace movement?]

Of course not! Peace is brought about by compassion, tolerance and the rule of law. I know you and others here want to make me out as an evil, hateful person, who is either anti-Semitic or at the least doesn’t care about Jews, but for your information I’m married to a Jew, my in-laws are Jewish. They don’t seem to share your concern that there is a dangerous Nazi movement afoot in America and the Aspen area.

It’s ok to be insulted by the content of the video. Anyone with intelligence and compassion should be insulted. It’s not ok to call it something it isn’t and to try to get it banned from Grassroots. Let the video be shown, let people decide for themselves, let Steve think there is a Zionist conspiracy to rule the world. It’s not going to change a thing. It’s not hurting anybody.

Be brave.

Adam Holland said...


NOW I GET WHAT YOU'RE SAYING! This film ("Judea Declares War on Germany!")DOES promote Holocaust denial, and it doesn't. You DON'T support its content, and you do. Steve Campbell DOES NOT blame Jews for 9/11, and he does. You agree with him and you don't. Opposition to Nazism is bigotry. You aren't an anti-Semite because your husband and in-laws are Jewish. You don't oppose Nazi propaganda because Nazis aren't a threat to take over Aspen, Colorado. Promoting libels about Jews can't hurt anybody. You don't consider yourself a Holocaust denier, but see nothing wrong with the content of films promoting it. To quote you: "It is simply a presentation of research about the Holocaust that doesn’t jive (sic) with the current accepted view."

Thanks for clarifying your positions.

Now let me understand one thing that still remains unclear, you DO believe that the moon is green cheese?

Anonymous said...

I see Sue tried to hide behind the nauseous lie ' Its not the Jews,it is Zionism we are against'. It's bs pure and simple.

Adam Holland said...


Anonymous said...

Adam, I thought we were having an honest discussion about where we stand on this issue, and I was about to praise and thank you for the opportunity for dialogue, but now I see your whole point is just to make me wrong. You have twisted everything I've said, just like the rest of the Jewish community does avery time I speak out against Israel's genocide of the Palestinians.

I answered every one of your questions, but you never answered my one; what are you so afraid of. What is this terrible danger that warrants such vicious attacks?

And now I have a second question; why are you so reluctant to name your fear?

Adam Holland said...


For someone so willing to offend you're very easily offended. You defend the Holocaust denier and make blanket statements about Jews and you think that's fine, but when I mock the contradictions in your arguments, that's crossing the line.

You say "You have twisted everything I've said, just like the rest of the Jewish community does avery (sic) time I speak out against Israel's genocide of the Palestinians."

I'd like to point out that that "subject" hasn't arisen until now.

Also Sue, you may be revealing more of your true feelings than you intend when you say "... just like the rest of the Jewish community". That comes off as a tad...bigoted.

Anonymous said...

If Steve is such a hot item, why did your gang bounce him? Did you agree with this decision? If not, why not? If so, why?
Just looking for some honesty here, as well as wondering what you know and what your values are. If any.

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah I'm a bigoted hateful anti-Semite. Yawn.

Since you've made up your mind who I am and what I believe, I don't need to waste any more time trying to explain myself or expecting an answer to my very simple question.

Since you refuse to tell me what you're so afraid of, maybe what you're afraid of is people finding out the truth. In that case I don't blame you for not wanting to admit it.


Anonymous said...

Adam, great work at exposing this kind of filth. After 'debating' with a liar like Sue, I'm sure you need an aspirin or five.

The intellectual dishonesty of folks like her never fails to surprise me. She pretends that inciting Jew-hatred is harmless, but then claims that she does not condone it. Perhaps she's someone the American educational system failed, and she doesn't know that "condone" is not a synonym for "endorse". Perhaps not.

Her absurdity about an Israeli genocide of the Palestinian populace is risible. Or would be, if it wasn't in service of a far darker agenda: making self defense for Israel, and only Israel, a moral crime.

The rest of her pattern of obfuscation, like calling a private entity's decision not to show a video "censorship" shows the general quality of her arguments.

I will say, however, that the trickling stream of bigotry that's been feeding the Leftist movement in America is getting to be truly frightening.

She asks, with what I can only assume is hostility, if you are a "Zionist".

How I hoped that word would've lost its usage after Israel was established. But it has not.

Before 1948, it meant that the Jews should have a right to live on land that they -purchased- from its owners, and a right to self determination. It meant that when they established their state, all non-Jews would have equal rights of citizenship and property ownership, much as all the Muslim Arabs who stayed within Israel proper now hold. It also meant, of course, that the Jews had a right to defend against the Arab-Nazi alliance that aimed at wiping them out.

Once Israel was a reality, it should have lost its use. Now it seems to mean believing that Israel has a right to exist. As if debating whether or not a country should be eradicated via military force is a conversational topic for anybody but the genocidal. And yes, pretending that a nation can be eliminated through violence sans genocide, especially when its enemies are openly genocidal, strains credulity past the breaking point.

That Sue and her ilk are becoming more and more common is a dangerous trend, especially given their eager willingness to serve as Useful Idiots and apologists for racists like Campbell.

Keep fighting the good fight.

Anonymous said...

Nice work Adam.
Holocaust deniers ARE anti-Semites, by definition.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the most awful stories I have heard of in quite some time. For anyone to actually have the nerve to say that the Holocaust didn't happen is mind blowing to me. I myself am not Jewish, but I happen to work at a Temple in my town. I have met people who are Holocaust survivors. I have heard their stories and seen the tattoos they were given when they entered a concentration camp. To say that the millions of people who were murdered during that time don't matter, is barbaric. Mr. Campbell I hope you get the help you need.


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