Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Neo-Nazi Leader Organizing Ron Paul Youtube "gaming"

According to the racist website, VNN forum, neo-Nazi leader Will Williams (aka "White Will") (read about him here) is organizing another in a series of Ron Paul internet dirty tricks of the sort that have distorted cable news snap poll results (read here and here).

Basically, he's asking that Paul supporters all request a particular Paul campaign video from Youtube on a particular date to boost its ratings in Youtube's recommended viewing ratings. By the way, he helpfully indicates that "bjb" won't be able to do this on his "niggerberry". "bjb" stands for "burnjewburn", one of the other users of this message board -- he's the one who puts the motto "nothing says lovin' like a jew in the oven" on everything he posts. The other word apparently means blackberry. That's what passes for humor among neo-Nazis.

I post the following with a strong warning, don't click it unless you really need evidence of the above information.


Youtube tip from Ron Paul guerrilla "gamer" "White Will" - Vanguard News Network Forum

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