Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bizarre protest sign awards. First nominee.

From a "Boston Anti-Zionist" rally: "Defend Sudan from Zionist U.N.!"

Thanks to Ian Thal

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Ian Thal said...

I was visiting to see if anyone had been declared a winner of the "Bizarre Protest Sign Award." Who were the other nominees?

I just want to note this sign wasn't from a "Boston Anti-Zionist Rally" but from a "Dream for Darfur" Rally. The speakers at the rally were survivors from a number of genocides that have occurred from the Armenian Genocide to the Rwandan Genocide--these were people of different faiths, different mother-tongues, different continents of origin, all taking a unified stand against the human rights abuses in Darfur.

The Boston Anti-Zionists who were relegated to the very edge of the rally, had come to protest everything that was on the podium-- because when people of many hues stand together in the name of their common humanity, it must be a sneaky Zionist plot. I told the story here and here.


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