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Palestinian claims just don't add up...

from B'NAI ELIM: "Palestinian Arab Math" by Lee Kaplan:

Since 1993, the world has been the victim of the biggest welfare scam in history.
I'm referring specifically to the Arab League's and Gamal Nasser's creation of
of a "Palestinian" Arab nationality to justify the unremitting attacks on the Jewish state of Israel.

Billions of dollars in aid money have been given to the "Palestinians", yet they are still
dispossessed and poor, or so they say, and victims of the "greatest genocide" in history by the Jews of Israel. You hear this constantly in America on college campuses, and now even in mainstream media, particularly by those lovely folks in the International Solidarity Movement.

Most Israelis know about the "festering wound" of Arabs who were displaced by the War of Independence in 1948. Many were put into refugee camps after the war by other Arabs to sit until the Jews would be driven into the sea at a later date. Still, others among the Arabs made lives for themselves but still claimed they were "refugees," and, by 1964, the official front of the PLO was organized under the Egyptian, Yasser Arafat, to organize the movement even further.

Arafat was a whiz at Palestinian math. He got all the Arab League to give separate passports to "Palestinians" and to not let them assimilate, and, for good measure, he got them to make every "Palestinian" tithe to Arafat's PLO. After all, when Palestinian mathematics makes numbers appear and disappear at random, more welfare money is always needed by the leadership that spends it on themselves.

And, organize he did; creating liaisons with the Soviet Union's KGB, training worldwide terrorists also brought in money, and UN and American foreign aid money that came in was invested wisely and developed into what British intelligence has claimed is a daily profit margin of $5 million (US) per day even today. At the height of the Oslo Peace Process, the PLO was getting $155 million dollars a month from the US, the UN, the EU and the Arab League not to mention private NGO funding for the 3.2 million Arabs who lived in the West Bank and Gaza. But by Palestinian mathematics, that wasn't enough to create a country. Nope, not nearly enough.

Palestinian Arabs have their own unique sense of mathematics. It isn't limited to just how much money they actually have to make peace and feed their people, it's
also based on their need to complain about how they are suffering to keep the welfare scam going.

Oh, yes. And they need more money to buy more guns and other weapons.

Dennis Ross, who negotiated at Oslo for the US with the Palestinian leadership, once picked up a flyer handed out by "Palestinians" and members of the ISM at UC Berkeley that said Barak only offered 93% of the West Bank and Gaza and that Arafat had to walk away. Ross explained they were offered 100% of the territory discussed, 97% outright, and 3% in a land swap to guarantee Israel's security. Today, if you look at maps distributed by the "Palestinian-led" International Solidarity Movement on US campuses and in US churches, the Israelis have really offered only 34% of Judea and Samaria and the Palestinians don't even count Gaza. You see, they say it's still occupied because the Israelis control the borders to prevent the importation of those guns.

Those poor, poor Palestinians just have problems with math—except when it comes to stealing money. Suha Arafat had a great grasp of math when Arafat succumbed to AIDS. And we of the world should all take comfort that our tax dollars and foreign aid money was well used by the Palestinians after his death. But, you know, somehow it's never enough according to Palestinian math. Hamas, since taking over the Palestinian Authority was receiving more foreign aid to the PA then ever before, but they screamed they had none. Abbas needed 86 million dollars for guns because according to Palestinian math he had only five bullets per terrorist (in that case Israel met his needs without questioning his math as did President Bush who also has t rouble with math).

Census totals by the PA itself revealed they were wrong about the actual numbers of Palestinian Arabs in the territories anyway, and that the number may have been one million over the mark to request additional aid money. Go on the Internet and read how there are 4 million, no wait, 5 million, no wait, 7 million, no wait, TEN million Palestinian…NO WAIT! ELEVEN MILLION Palestinian refugees worldwide who must be allowed unconditionally to return to their "homes" in what was once "Pal estine," but is now Israel.

Pay up with those welfare payments or we'll kill you, too, is an absolute theory in Palestinian math.

Of course, the normal Malthusian paradigm of increasing populations in the world can be easily unproven by Palestinian math as blatantly false, even in the Palestinian Authority. As the Palestinians undergo "genocide" by the Israelis, somehow their population only increases while the population of Israel decreases slightly or remains steady. Even if the population density of Gaza is no worse than that of San Francisco, Palestinian world renowned leaders like Saeb Erekat can claim that Gaza has "the most crowded living conditions in the entire world."

Poor Saeb, a victim of Palestinian math, no longer appears on national US television after he mathematically explained the town Jenin stood no more after its people had been wiped from the map by the IDF. It seems only 58 Arabs were killed, 48 armed terrorists along with 23 Israeli soldiers. His niece, Noura, has taken over with Palestinian math as an aid to Dennis Kucinich in Congress where she continues the proud tradition of Palestinian Arab math..

But the best example of Palestinian math is the Palestinians unswerving claim to all the land of Israel. Visit the website . Here you can see a prime example of Palestinian math at its best. Take, for example, the Israeli community of Qiryat-Gat in the Negev. Allegedly, by Palestinian mathematics standards there were 5,400 Arabs who lived in the same spot in 1948 that was called Al-Faluja. But Palestinian math now claims there are 33,000 Palestinian refugees from that village who must return. And that's only one village, mind you.

Maybe we Americans should start grabbing up property and land in Europe, and Asia, because many of us were driven out of those locales, too, due to wars and there are over 220 million of us today who should have the non-negotiable right to return. Think about it, we could take Paris, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo and the UN might even help us and give us all that aid money while we work on the scheme. Maybe there is something to Palestinian math. Hmmm…

The only math worse than Palestinian math is US and Israeli math. In the US we can't figure out that by funding the Arabs with more dollars they will use them against us one day, so we keep throwing greater numbers at them. Israeli math is even worse, since we can't figure out then each time a Jew is murdered as part of the result of Palestinian math it results in a subtraction of the Jewish population worldwide. Israeli math only understands diminishing returns whereas Palestinian math only allows for growth at the expense of Israeli mathematic paradigms.

It all just doesn't add up, does it

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