Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ron Paul Institute issues Ukraine conspiracy theory

"By installing a puppet regime in Ukraine, the US Empire (intended to) gain control over Crimea and, by implication, Russia’s longtime military bases in Crimea."
Read the rest here: Ukraine and the Deferential Press

Holocaust denier David Irving sold UK's Channel 4 fake Hitler hair for $5000.

Holocaust denier David Irving sold UK's Channel 4 fake Hitler hair for $5000. (read here.)

Historian Deborah Lipstadt, whom Irving infamously sued for libel for calling him a Holocaust denier, wrote on Monday that she was puzzled as to why Channel 4 would pay Irving based on his track record.

Today, upon learning that her skepticism as to Irving's reliability proved well-founded, here was her reaction:

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Iranian state-run TV: "American Zionists incubating another Hitler"

Iranian state-run Press TV, the regime's English language propaganda channel, reports that the Jewish community in the US is planning a genocidal war which will result in world domination. They quote an anonymous Jewish source as saying:

“You goyim are destined to slavery because you have all the attributes of a slave race. Look around you and take note of what you nominally Christian Americans and Europeans have become: semi-literate, uncultured, philistine, easily led and credulous, irrational, subject to propaganda and the pleasure principle, television-addicted, enervated by alcohol, stultified by drugs, brutalized by pornography… as the sewage of Hollywood spreads its slime over the golden cornfields and shining towers of a once Christian country, there is nothing much to live for except sex and death.”
Read the rest here:
PressTV - American Zionists incubating another Hitler

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Presbyterian anti-Israel publication outrageous to both Christians and Jews

from the LA Jewish Journal: An unsettling Presbyterian ‘study guide’

“Zionism Unsettled” should not be seen in isolation. It is just the latest hateful tract emanating from the international Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, represented within the PC(USA) by the IPMN. The sum of its message is that Jews have no right to the land, only Palestinian Arabs do. Alarmingly, but not surprisingly, the document has been praised by Iranian government media, and got a ringing endorsement from David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

Oxfam posts Cynthia McKinney webpage

The international food aid organization Oxfam, recently the subject of controversy for its condemnation of Scarlett Johansson's appearance in a SodaStream advertisement, has a page on its website devoted to promoting Cynthia McKinney.

The page, which is headlined "Ms. McKinney is one of those old school social activists that sorely seems absent today", defends McKinney's "9/11 Truth" views, repeating her charge that President Bush knew in advance about the 9/11 attacks, and says she was driven from office for saying this. It goes on to state that President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair were convicted of war crimes by a people's tribunal conducted in Malaysia by a group headed by former Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, of whom the statement says that McKinney is a follower and supporter. It also praises McKinney's support for the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, and condemns what it describes as "the U.S./NATO/Israel aggression against the Arab Jamahiriya state".

With respect to Israel, the page says the following:

In December 2008, Cynthia made international headlines when the Free Gaza boat she was aboard was rammed by the Israeli military as she was attempting to deliver medical supplies to the people of Gaza during Israel's Operation Cast Lead. Cynthia and her fellow humanitarian activists, rescued by Lebanon, never made it to Gaza. In 2009, Cynthia attempted to reach Gaza again, this time armed with crayons, coloring books, and school supplies for the children. She and her fellow human rights workers became the Free Gaza 21 after their boat was overtaken in international waters by the Israeli military and they were kidnapped to Israel. Cynthia spent seven days in an Israeli prison. And again, Cynthia did not make it into Gaza. Finally, Cynthia entered Gaza by land in July 2009 with George Galloway's 250-volunteer-strong Viva Palestina, USA.

Oxfam's Cynthia McKinney webpage is included in a section of the website called "Your Story", which is billed as "personal stories submitted by Oxfam supporters". Its text is virtually identical to that found in promotional material posted on McKinney's congressional campaign website

Report on "The Real News": Gaddafi was overthrown for challenging US hegemony


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