Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BBC: 1 in 10 Jews work with spy agency assassins

Last week, BBC Radio 4 broadcast an interview in which it was stated that between 500,000 and one million Jews around the world are available to facilitate assassinations committed by the Israeli spy agency Mossad. This story has already been covered by a number of blogs (starting with Judeosphere). I had an opportunity to listen to the interview today and found that, although the BBC has claimed that this bizarre conspiracy theory came at the end of the broadcast and so could not be rebutted, the entire interview is a shocking series of absurd assertions concerning information the guest claims to have learned directly from anonymous Mossad agents.

The interviewee, an author named Gordon Thomas, starts by stating that the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh had "all the hallmarks of a Mossad operation". He then attempts to list these hallmarks, but names only one: that al-Mabhouh was killed in a hotel bedroom, and Mossad assassins are "trained in that very tactic". By this standard, any killing in a hotel bedroom could be blamed on the Mossad. The claim that this means the killing had "all the hallmarks" is quite a leap.

The interviewer then comes to Thomas' aid with a question about the fraudulent passports allegedly carried by the assassins, asking whether this was a sign of Mossad involvement. Thomas replies: "Oh, yes indeed!" But then, left again to his own devices, he veers off course. Objecting to the very idea of needing to provide evidence of Mossad involvement, he talks himself into the following maze:

I think it's futile to say, as Mossad does, "prove it!" That's a standard Mossad question (sic). I know from the time I've met with them. "Prove it!" That's what they say all the time!

When someone accused of a killing says "prove it", that is hardly extraordinary. To describe Mossad's asking for evidence as one of their standard devious tactics is sheer idiocy. Thomas seems to argue in favor of just knowing that Mossad is guilty without providing evidence, implying that a request for evidence indicates complicity.

At about the 3:50 mark of the interview, Thomas says the following of Mossad assassins:

Usually, as I said, they would like to carry out their mission killing somebody in the bedroom. That's easy for them because -- what they do -- they have a whole backup system called asayanim (sic) who are local residents -- Jewish, uh, people who will help the Mossad. And there's estimated to be in the world about half a million. Some people say (there's) a million; I tend to say it's about half a million, from what I've learned from the Mossad people.

Thomas argues incoherently that Mossad assassinates people in bedrooms because they have the support of 500,000 Jews to do so. The bigotry and shoddy thinking behind that statement are obvious. Even an interviewer or audience who might be receptive to an anti-Israel message might well ask for some further explanation of this absurd connection between bedroom murders and a global Jewish conspiracy.

Thomas was interviewed on this subject because he has written a book called Gideon's spies: the secret history of the Mossad . Much of that book relied on a single, not entirely reliable, source: Ari Ben Menashe. (Read here. An earlier book Thomas wrote about Robert Maxwell also relied extensively on Ben Menashe. Read here.) In turn, Ben Menashe provided a blurb for the Mossad book, calling it “(o)ne of the few books that have captured the true nature of the Israeli government and the...Israeli power elite.” Not surprising that he would think so considering that much of the book derives from him. Ben Menashe is probably best known for work he did in the employ of Zimbabwe's dictator Robert Mugabe. He was secretly paid by the Mugabe regime, reportedly to entrap Mugabe's political rival Morgan Tsvangirai for treason. He failed in this attempted set-up, although he did testify against Tsvangirai at trial. Ben Menashe was accused by the judge who heard Tsvangirai's case of falsely creating the impression that Tsvangirai attempted to hire Ben Menashe to assassinate Mugabe. (Read here.)

The other Mossad source credited by Thomas is the equally unreliable Victor Ostrovsky, author of purported exposés of the Mossad called By Way of Deception and The Other Side of Deception. (Read here and here.) According to the New York Times, Ostrosky's first book
claim(ed) that Yitzhak Hofi, the head of Mossad, personally participated in the murder of two minor Palestine Liberation Organization representatives in Athens in the mid-1970's. That the chief of Mossad would risk exposure of himself and Israeli intelligence by serving as a hit man strains credulity, as does much else in the book.
Of the second, it's been called by critics more a sex-drenched potboiler than real world exposé.

Were Ben Menashe or Victor Ostrovsky the source for Gordon Thomas' theory about 500,000 - 1,000,000 Jewish spies? Gordon Thomas doesn't say and his interviewer doesn't ask.

As others have already pointed out, the idea that 10% of the Jewish population are assisting Mossad in conducting assassinations should set off anyone's BS alarm, no matter how paranoid about Jews they may be, or how credulously they rely on dodgy sources. The larger the alleged conspiracy, the less likely the conspiracy theory is to be true.

Moreover, Thomas states that there is a connection between bedroom slayings and a massive Jewish support system, but doesn't state what that connection is. What on earth could he be thinking?

Most importantly, what is the BBC doing about this? Do they intend to correct the record, or will they stand by the claim that 1 in 10 Jews are available to assist Mossad assassins? That sort of conspiracy theory is not the sort of thing a reliable news organization should promote.

By the way, if asked by the Mossad, I will not facilitate assassinations. They're just going to have to ask nine other Jews to find someone to help them.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Welcome normblog readers

Norman Geras, political science professor, scholar of Karl Marx' writings, co-author of the Euston Manifesto and commentator on current affairs (among many other things -- he has quite a resume), has kindly posted a profile of yours truly on his great blog, normblog. I may have brought down the tone of things over there, for which I'm sorry.

If you want to read my profile on Norman's blog, click here. If you've come to this point via the link on Norman's blog, welcome. You may want to click through to my older posts. Make yourselves at home.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Chuck Baldwin: "My heart goes out to Joe Stack!"

Right wing politician, preacher and radio talker Chuck Baldwin has written a column sympathizing with Joe Stack, the Texas man who yesterday deliberately crashed a small plane into an office building killing himself and at least one other person and seriously burning two others. The column, entitled I Wish Joe Stack Had Not Killed Himself!, is posted on Baldwin's website. Baldwin expresses concern that the mainstream media will somehow distort the story to make Stack look bad. He writes:

By the time this column is released on Friday, however, I'm sure we will all have been inundated with copious references to this man, Joe Stack, as being "off his rocker," or similar assertions. Perhaps our friends at DHS will label Stack a "right-wing domestic terrorist." However, Mr. Stack apparently left behind a "suicide manifesto" explaining his actions. After carefully reading Stack's manifesto, I am quite convinced that he was not crazy, and he was not a "terrorist." However, he was angry.

A lot of us are angry--and for many of the same reasons that Mr. Stack was angry! While I would certainly take exception to some of the things Stack says in his manifesto, he said things that many of us are feeling.


My heart goes out to Joe Stack! The sentiments expressed above are shared by millions of Americans who are also fed up with Big Brother. We are fed up with our country being turned into a burgeoning police state, under the rubric of "national security." We are fed up with the harassments (sic) of the IRS. We know the "war on drugs" is merely the government's way of cutting out the competition (this is exactly what more than one retired federal law enforcement agent--employed in the drug war--told me). We know the "war on terror" is nothing but an excuse to trample our constitutional liberties. We are fed up with the voracious vampires known as the Federal Reserve sucking the lifeblood out of the veins of America's hardworking Middle Class. We are tired of the CFR, CIA, and America's State Department manufacturing perpetual wars that cost trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives for the benefit of the global elite. We are fed up with an arrogant and oppressive federal government that is strangling the life and freedom out of our states. We all share Joe Stack's pain!

I really wish Joe Stack had not killed himself, however. We need each other. By taking his life, he reduced our strength. The global elites delight in our demise. As we grow weaker, they grow stronger.

But the fight is not over; the battle is not lost! Rumblings of freedom's revival can be felt across the length and breadth of this nation. The clanging of liberty's resolve can be heard in hamlets and villages from Montana to South Carolina. There are still millions of us--from virtually every walk of life--who will not surrender our liberties without a fight! And we have not yet begun to fight!

While Baldwin makes a great deal of agreeing with the contents of Stack's rambling suicide suicide, even going so far as to claim that everyone would agree with them, he makes no mention of the victims of Stack's horrible attack and utterly fails to explain why he does not consider the attack terrorism. In fact, Baldwin puts the term "terrorist" in quotes. Does he not believe that such a thing exists? (On the other hand, he also puts "suicide manifesto" in quotes. He may just like to use quotes where they aren't needed.)

Baldwin has twice run for high office. He ran for the vice-presidency in 2004 on the Constitution Party ticket, gaining endorsements from the Alaskan Independence Party, the League of the South, the Southern Party of Georgia, Samuel T. Francis, Alex Jones, Howard Phillips, Taki Theodoracopulos and Pat Buchanan. In 2008, Baldwin was involved in Ron Paul's campaign for the Republican nomination. With Paul's defeat, Baldwin himself ran for the presidency, again on the Constitution Party ticket. Paul endorsed Baldwin's candidacy. (Read here.)

Baldwin got his start in politics in Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority. He has been associated with the the militia movement, radical states rights/secessionism, and anti-tax, anti-immigrant and 9/11 truth movements. He has also said that he "believe(s) the South was right in the War Between the States". (Read here.) He preaches at a church he founded in 1975 (read here), and writes a column at the far-right VDare website (read here).


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bernard Kerik Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison

''The fact that Mr. Kerik would use that event (9/11) for personal gain and aggrandizement is a dark place in the soul for me,'' said federal Judge Stephen Robinson.

Read it here: Kerik Is Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison in Corruption Case - NYTimes.com

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rep. Jason Chaffetz: 9/11 truther

from Think Progress (h/t AMERICAblog):

Last year, Fox News host and hate radio talker Glenn Beck launched a successful smear campaign again White House green jobs adviser Van Jones. One of Beck’s main accusations was the charge that Jones had once signed a “9/11 trutherpetition asking for another investigation of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Demanding that Jones resign, Beck called 9/11 truthers “truly disturbed people.” Recently, a truther organization called “We Are The Change” spoke to Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) — a friend of Beck and a frequent guest on his show — about reopening an investigation into 9/11. Chaffetz agreed with the activist, and even noted that he had spoken to professor Steven Jones, leading 9/11 truther, who Chaffetz said had done “interesting work”:

Q: A reopening into the investigation of 9/11?

CHAFFETZ: Well there’s a lot we still need to learn. Of course we want to look into that issue, look at every aspect of it. [...] Who was the BYU professor? [...] Steve Jones, yeah I’ve met with him. He’s done some interesting work.

Q: Have you given much thought to the possibility it was a false flag terrorist attack on 9/11?

CHAFFETZ: Well I know there’s still a lot to learn about what happened and what didn’t happen, we should be vigilant and continue to investigate that, absolutely.

Q: Appreciate that. We at We Are The Change believe it was a false flag terrorist attack, that the buildings came down with internally placed demolition.

Steven Jones advocates the idea that the World Trade Center was demolished not by plane crashes and the resulting fires, but by super-thermite explosives which were painted onto beams holding up the twin towers. That fantasy masquerading as a theory has been demolished as impossible by scientists who have actually tested this "theory" and reviewed the data objectively.

AMERICAblog points out that Rep. Chaffetz' main claim to fame is leading the opposition to gay marriage in the House.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Was Harold Ford Jr. in Avatar?

Harold Ford Jr. is running an extremely odd campaign in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate from New York. His latest gambit? He's created an online Draft Ford petition, as Jason Linkins reports at Huffington Post (read here). (Signers have not been many, even including Ford supporters such as "Anonymous, Out of State", Ima Hogg, Farold Hoarde and Ukant B. Zerius.) Is it just me, or is Ford looking a bit like a character from Avatar in the photo he's chosen for his petition website?

Ford's website is online here: Draft Harold Ford Jr. for New York Senator. Let's watch it over the next several days to see if the Ford campaign decides to return their candidate's skin to its natural shade.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ron Paul website mourns anti-Semitic author

The official website of Ron Paul's 2008 presidential campaign, which since the 2008 election has operated under the name "Campaign for Liberty", has published an illiterate memorial to the anti-Semitic author Eustace Mullins. Read here: Campaign For Liberty — Today we morn the passage of Eustace Mullins.

Eustace Mullins was a great autor (sic) and told the truth about the Federal Reseve (sic), the Constitution, Liberty and American History. A man who had a book burned in Europe, was fired from the Library fof (sic) Congress for ploitical (sic) reasons had to be on the right track. He will be missed.

The Nizkor website says the following about Mullins (read here):

Eustace Mullins is the author of the virulently anti-Jewish book "The Biological Jew" (Faith and Service Books, Stauton, VA, 1968). Mullins, in this lengthy comparison of Jews with biological parasites, wrote:

The Jew has always functioned best as a panderer, a pornographer, a master of prostitution, an enemy of the prevailing sexual standards and prohibitions of the gentile community....

We must remember that there is no Jewish crime per se, since the existence of the Jewish parasite on the host is a crime against nature, because its existence imperils the health and life of the host...

This religious ceremony of drinking the blood of an innocent gentile child is basic to the Jew's entire concept of his existence as a parasite, living off the blood of the host...

The Jews do not want anyone to know what Nazism is. Nazism is simply this--a proposal that the German people rid themselves of the parasitic Jews. The gentile host dared to protest against the continued presence of the parasite, and attempted to throw it off. It was an ineffectual reaction, because it was emotional and

Mullins' writings are a standby on the Klan/neo-Nazi circuit. A recent Sons of Liberty book list included Mullins titles such as "Jewish TV: Sick, Sick, Sick," "The Jewish War Against the Christian World," and "Easter," which the catalog tells us give a "look at the 5,000 years of history in the ongoing war between the Satanic-Jewish forces and their Babylonian religious system and the rest of humanity." (Sons of Liberty Fall 1992 catalog, New Christian Crusade Church)

Nizkor also has this:

According to analyst Chip Berlet of Political Research Associates, Mullins is quite simply, "the most vicious anti-Semite on the face of the planet."

Eustace Clarence Mullins, born in 1923, is the author of a biography of Ezra Pound (a copy exists in the University of Waterloo library). But he is also the author of numerous truly bizarre tracts published by small Christian publishers. Some of these (are) . . . critiques of the banking system. Berlet says, "Mullins masks his anti-Semitism with a critique of the [U. S.] Federal Reserve System."

In a 1952 book, Mullins wrote a book blaming Paul Warburg, Bernard Baruch, and other U. S. Jews for drowning Americans in debt. According to Mullins, The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 put the nation's banking reserves in the hands of the "Jewish International Bankers" for the purpose of carrying out a plan for world dictatorship.

In a 1955 article entitled, "Jews mass poison American children", Mullins claimed that the polio vaccine, invented by Jonas Salk, was a poison because it contains live polio germs. Other books depict Jews as parasites, living off their gentile hosts. In what has to be one of the most bizarre of Mullins' beliefs, it has been reported by L. J. Davis that Mullins has claimed that the phrase "Have a nice day" is a code for Jews to begin killing Christians.

As I wrote here and here, Ron Paul's official websites have a bad habit of publishing anti-Semitic material and refusing to remove it. Paul's supporters have written to me at great length (read here) to defend these hate posts both as an expression of free speech that is outside the control of the Paul campaign website, and as being the sort of material which can easily be found on any candidate's website -- defenses which are very obviously false. One Paul supporter who blogs for the Paul campaign went so far as to write to tell me that it was wrong of me to make this material public -- that I should have sent a private email to the Ron Paul campaign and that they would have been happy to remove the offensive material. In fact, in spite of the fact that the Paul campaign has known about this problem at least since I first wrote about it (most likely longer), they have failed to address it and continue to post this material. On the other hand, since I wrote about it, this blog has received literally hundreds of nuisance comments to my articles on this and related subjects, presumably a campaign of harassment from Ron Paul supporters. (Readers of this blog don't see these spam comments because I moderate comments to prevent offensive and/or nuisance material from being posted.)

If they truly want to help their candidate, wouldn't these Ron Paul supporters do better to push the editors of the Ron Paul campaign websites to remove the anti-Semitic material they continue to post year after year, rather than to harass those who write about the issue? Let's see what happens as a result of this post. Will the Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty remove the offensive memorial to Mullins or will Ron Paul supporters inundate this post with spam?

UPDATE: In recent years, Mullins claimed both that he had inspired Ron Paul's anti-Federal Reserve activism, and that Paul and the John Birch Society were "using my book (i.e. Secrets of the Federal Reserve) to keep the Rothchilds in power." (Read here or listen here or here starting at about 77:30 of the podcast.) As might be imagined, his rationale for believing in this convoluted conpiracy was a bit arcane. Listen for yourself.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mel Gibson Feigns Surprise at Bigotry Questions

Mel Gibson is promoting a new film and attempting to restart his career as an actor. In two recent interviews with entertainment reporters for local TV stations, both of whom are Jews, Gibson feigns surprise when they question him about his infamous, widely reported anti-Jewish outburst after a drunk driving arrest. In both of these interviews, he very obviously pretends that he didn't expect such questions to be asked, then attacks the interviewers.

Here's a video of the most recent interview where Gibson plays this odd game:

How can Gibson honestly claim to be shocked by these very obvious questions? He must know that this will come up. He is very clearly feigning surprise, and overacting to boot. (This guy really needs a director to tone down his reactions.) He's a very sick man.

This is the second time he's played this game in the last two weeks. In the first case, he very obviously pretends not to understand the question, before accusing the interviewer of being biased because he's Jewish. Watch this:

How is it that he's shocked every time this question comes up? Is it a coincidence that he's chosen to publicly vent his rage about this only at Jewish interviewers? Is Mel Gibson out of his freaking mind? Inquiring minds want to know.

Sarah Palin Endorses Rand Paul For Kentucky Senate

from Huffington Post:

Sarah Palin injected herself into another 2010 campaign Monday, with her endorsement of Rand Paul, son Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.), who is running for a U.S. Senate seat in Kentucky.

"Governor Palin is providing tremendous leadership as the Tea Party movement and constitutional conservatives strive to take our country back," Rand Paul said in a statement. "Sarah Palin is a giant in American politics. I am proud to receive her support."

Paul also acknowledged that he "has received a generous donation from Governor Palin's PAC."

Palin joins a growing list of Rand Paul endorsers, which includes Concerned Women for America, Gun Owners of America, Steve Forbes and RedState.com. Paul has also established himself as a darling of the Tea Party Movement and conservative groups such as Dick Armey's Freedom Works.
One recent poll shows Paul with a sizable lead over his Republican primary opponent, Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson.

According to a statement posted on Rand Paul's campaign website (read here):

Sarah Palin’s endorsement is another major success in a long list of achievements for the Paul campaign. Dr. Paul was recently identified as one of the five most important candidates to support by Dick Armey, Freedom Works and the National Tea Party Movement. Dr. Paul has also received endorsements from Concerned Women for America, Gun Owners of America, Steve Forbes and RedState.com,

Recent independent polls show Rand holding a double digit lead in the Republican primary and large leads over either Democratic opponent. Rand Paul has raised over $1.8 million dollars, including over $650,000 in the fourth quarter of 2009.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Long Before Earthquake Destruction in Haiti, A Drinking Water Crisis

Guest post by Joseph B. Treaster of 1H2O.org

MIAMI--Long before the earthquake, Haiti was mired in a crisis that only a few experts noticed - a severe lack of clean drinking water. The country's 10 million people had drinking water from springs and rivers and wells and a broken-down municipal water system in the capital, Port-Au-Prince. But a great deal of the water was loaded with bacteria and parasites and, in some cases, chemicals and other pollutants.

The foul water undermined everything in Haiti. It caused chronic diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis and even typhoid and cholera. The diseases filled hospital beds, kept children out of school and grown ups from work. And the water-borne diseases caused death. The Pan American Health Organization estimates that half of all the deaths in Haiti in recent years -- apart from those in calamities like floods and hurricanes -- have been the result of water-borne diseases. In most cases, severe diarrhea took hold. People became dehydrated and very quickly were gone.

Many countries share Haiti's plight. According to the World Health Organization, at least 1 billion people around the world do not have clean drinking water. Even more do not have toilets. The lack of clean water and toilets is a disaster. Each year, about two million people die from water-borne diseases. That is eight times the deaths in the Asian tsunami in 2004, and it happens every year. It is not on the radar of most Americans.

Most of the victims are young children. They die quietly, at home and in little clinics in slums and out-of-the way places in the countryside in India and Nepal, in Bolivia and Honduras. Hardly anyone notices that, according to United Nations data, more children die from simply drinking unhealthy water than from HIV/AIDS, malaria and measles combined.

These people do not have to die. All the technology for providing clean drinking water exists. It is not very complicated and it is not incredibly expensive. But almost nowhere in the developing world does clean water get high priority. Drilling wells and running pipelines and building water purification plants have never really captured the imagination of political leaders. The people who suffer most are the poorest, the hungriest, the least influential.

It is not that nothing is being done about providing clean water. Even in Haiti, many water projects were underway before the earthquake. Some had budgets in the millions of dollars. Some involved small private groups that were able to put in a few wells or a few dozen water treatment devices. One group, International Action, says it has installed 110 neighborhood water tank chlorinators in Port-au-Prince. But in Haiti and elsewhere, the efforts have scarcely made a dent.

Nowhere in the developing world is there a plan that coordinates national or region water projects, small and large. Inevitably, some of the good work overlaps. Some of it never gets finished. Quite often maintenance is overlooked and systems collapse. For example, in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, drinking water is fine at the treatment plant. But the water mains are corroded and punctured. They lie in the same trenches as the sewer lines and filthy waste sloshes into the drinking water.

As the rebuilding of Haiti gets underway, billions of dollars are going to be spent. Some of those dollars, perhaps a billion or more, should be dedicated to cleaning up the country's drinking water and to making sure it stays clean. It would help put Haiti on a sound footing for the future perhaps more than any other single thing. A well-orchestrated plan for providing clean drinking water to the people of Haiti could be a model for the world.

Richard Silverstein fails to provide evidence to back false charges

It has been three days since blogger Richard Silverstein groundlessly charged me with being a "Muslim hater" and a part of a vast, right-wing conspiracy originating in the Israeli Foreign Ministry. (Read here.) It has been two days since I asked him to back up those charges with evidence or retract them and apologize. (Read here.) So far, he has failed to do either.

But he has issued the following statement (on another subject) (read here):

“I do not have a problem with anyone, whether Right or Left, expressing their views on the issues... But it is dead wrong to call your opponent ‘evil’ or use Der Sturmer tactics to turn your opponent into a subhuman."

Unfortunately, while he give this advice to others, he seems unwilling to take it himself.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Brooklyn hate pamphleteer strikes again

from The Brooklyn Paper: Another sick call to ‘KILL JEWS’:

...Sixth Avenue in Park Slope was littered with strips of papers reading “KILL JEWS” in capital letters from Fourth to Ninth streets on Wednesday.

Nearly two dozen of the strips were picked up by Karen Guilbert, who had just finished walking her daughter to school.

“It’s so ignorant and hateful,” said Guilbert, who picked up a handful of the same slips back in October. “There are hundreds of kids that walk up and down this street.”

Earlier incidents of the same sick message being spread along Brooklyn streets were reported in Brooklyn Heights, Boerum Hill, Clinton Hill and Bay Ridge in September and October. In those incidents, kids walking home from school found hundreds of the handwritten slips of paper reading "Kill Jews" spread along the sidewalk for several blocks and on car windshields. A synagogue and several cars and apartment buildings were daubed with swastikas around the same time in Brooklyn Heights.

Anthony Julius on English anti-Semitism

Attorney and author Anthony Julius has written an excellent column on the subtleties and not-so-subtleties of English anti-Semitism. Read it here: The outsiders - Times Online. It's difficult to excerpt, so click the link and read it in its entirety.

The hostile comments that the column has attracted are instructive. Here they are:

john papi wrote:
Good publicity for Mr. Julius, but what about confidentiality and professional ettiquete ? Just another low life self publicist who sickens me.
January 31, 2010 8:00 PM GMT

George Watson wrote:
Mr Julius seems strangely unaware of his own mind-set. He refers to the non-Jewish world into which his parents were plunged during their evacuation in the Second World War. That is the root of anti-Semitism, the self electing separation from their host community of Jews themselves. In order to maintian their religion which is rooted in the idea of being a chosen people, Jews have a distinctly domestic set of rituals and a culture which emphasises difference. This marks them as being a people who go out of their way to be different. Centuries of Diaspora experience in Europe, with the constant threat of pogroms have meant a concentration of Jews in particular activities such as banking and dealing in precious metals and jewels. This makes them even more of a terget and a perceived threat as parasites upon their neighbours.
This very obvious social phenomenon is apparently unrecognised by those who claim that anti-Semitism is some kind of unnatural event.
Orthodox Jews extravagantly parade their Judaism in communities accross London such as Stamford Hill yet they complain that they are somehow perceived to be different. To then seek to defend the Jewish State against any criticism merely compounds the suspicion by the larger community that Jews are not quite loyal to the interests of their host nations. We should not be silenced by this anti-Semitic name calling.
January 31, 2010 12:47 PM GMT

Steve H wrote:
I am very sorry that Mr Julius, and members of his family, have experienced anti-Semitism. Those unpleasant experiences do NOT excuse Mr Julius exposing very publicly information given to him by a (now-deceased) client. Mr Julius must be subject to appropriate Law Society disciplinary proceedings, and, please, let there be no whinging about anti-Semitism when those proceedings are started. Disciplinary proceedings are appropriate because Mr Julius has behaved badly qua solicitor, not because of his race or religion.
January 31, 2010 10:01 AM GMT

Adam Gardiner wrote:
Anti-Jewish sentiment is obviously as unacceptable as for example anti-Armenian or anti-German as innocent individuals are cruelly hurt by the ignorant abuse involved.
January 31, 2010 6:15 AM GMT


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