Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blaming the Trayvon Martin case on Jews

Bigots look for ways to inject their biases into whatever controversy is handy. Correctly sensing the Trayvon Martin shooting to be the sort of issue which brings out the shadow racism lying just below the surface of our political discourse, those who hate Jews have tried to arbitrarily shoehorn their particular paranoia into this tragic matter. Just how arbitrary is this? They are blaming Jews both for the shooting itself and for purportedly making too much of the shooting to push an "anti-white" agenda.

On the 'blaming Jews for the shooting' side is Gordon Duff, the Holocaust denying editor of the wolf in sheep's clothing website he gives the innocuous name "Veterans Today". (In addition to publishing articles of interest to veterans, this website publishes hate speech by authors such as neo-Nazi activist Ingrid Zundel, and "proud self-hating Jew" Gilad Atzmon.) Duff now writes that the Jews are responsible both for the Trayvon Martin shooting and for a conspiracy to cover it up. He apparently bases this odd conspiracy theory on the fact that the shooter's name, Zimmerman, sounds Jewish. In a rambling blog post titled Is Zimmerman a murderer or will we see "Palestinian justice", Duff writes

Is the “Zimmerman killing” the first sign of the Middle East’s most secretive and shameful crime, the apartheid killings in Israel coming home?  Zimmerman, of mixed Jewish and Hispanic origin is now the “poster boy” used by the ADL, AIPAC and the SPLC for the right to simply shoot African Americans down like dogs, or so it is playing out for all to see. . .  
We fear that the crazed killer is somehow empowered to murder us or our children, protected by a mysterious conspiracy.  Does the ADL, JDL, AIPAC and SPLC represent such a conspiracy? I would say a resounding “yes!” . . .  
Is this going too far? Is it? I would have said yes until I saw the trail, the SPLC, the JDL, the ADL, AIPAC and millions in dollars spent spinning this incident which is much like so many other killings, all racial, many apartheid, a rebirth of the lynchings of old, that still go on around the world. . . 
Why hasn’t there been an arrest? Zimmerman belongs to the Anti-Defamation League and is defended by the Southern Poverty Law Center that purports to exist to defend the poor against the rich.  Our experience is that they are quite the opposite, so much so, that I would see them on “lists.”

When I phoned the NAACP in Washington and asked them what they thought of the SPLC defending Zimmerman, they said they were closely related organizations and knew nothing about it.  It was in every newspaper in the nation at the time. . . 
If the organizations, ADL, SPLC etc. are correct, then Zimmerman had the right to kill any “goy” for any reason which they would find rationale to defend, though it has brought them out of the closet as “anti-black” and intrinsically racist. . . 
(If Zimmerman had been arrested), a local Grand Jury would have heard evidence. However, Florida law enforcement, from region to region is questionable and ethnicity, Jew against African American, is very much part of the mix.  Elected officials looking for Jewish contributions, how most are elected, are influence by such things. Fear of backlash from the African American community is also a big issue. . . 
What Zimmerman told us was that he saw the black community as a threat. Most of the nations of the world say the same about the State of Israel. You didn’t know? This is a different story and yet the same, can a crime that is legal in Israel if the victim is not Jewish be legal in Florida if the victim is not Jewish?  The ADL and SPLC seem to be saying so but in their own underhanded way.

On the other side of the Trayvon Martin issue, but in full agreement about who is to blame, is far-right anti-Semitic professor and political activist Kevin MacDonald. From the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), comes word that the MacDonald has given an interview to neo-Nazi leader David Duke in which he blamed the "Jewish controlled media" for making too much of the Trayvon Martin as part of an anti-white conspiracy.  (Read here.)

An influential, tenured university psychology professor is on the airwaves claiming Trayvon Martin was a “thug,” a “hoodlum” and a drug dealer who was shot while he was suspended from high school after being caught with stolen jewelry and a tool used for “breaking and entering.” California State University, Long Beach, Professor Kevin MacDonald made these and other allegations about the slain teen on David Duke’s nationwide radio program yesterday morning.
MacDonald, who has appeared on the former Klansman’s daily radio show at least five times in the past four weeks, also claimed the “Jewish controlled” media is engaging in intentional “deception” about the unarmed 17-year-old African-American student who was shot and killed by a neighborhood watchman in Sanford, Fla., on Feb. 26.


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