Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Racist Website "Gamed" Aspen Daily News Poll on Holocaust Denial

The racist website "gamed" an Aspen Daily News poll concerning whether a Holocaust denial TV show should be aired on a local cable station. (Read about that controversy here and here and here and here).

The request to air the Holocaust denial program came from Steve Campbell, a former member of the Roaring Fork Peace Coalition and founder of Citizens for 9/11 Truth. For a number of years, Campbell programmed a film series sponsored by the Roaring Fork Peace Coalition that was accused of promoting anti-Semitism. Campbell apparently purchased the TV program from Mark Farrell, a neo-Nazi video distributor and publisher from Cincinnati who disseminates Nazi and racist themed DVDs for broadcast on public access stations. The broadcast was supported by Roaring Fork Peace Coalition board member Sue Gray, who blogs under the appropriate name "reckless G".

Multiple votes can be cast in such polls using a variety of simple techniques (such as deleting cookies or using software to change IP addresses) to defeat protections against "gaming" or deliberately skewing poll results. To read the solicitation for racists to vote in the poll click the following link. WARNING: link to hate-group website.

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