Thursday, October 11, 2007

Coulter: Jews Should Convert

I apologize for giving attention to someone whose entire career is centered around provoking controversy. Coulter is so predictable that her bad taste has now become cliche. They say that some commentators generate more heat than light, in her case the heat is entirely artificial.

For anyone who supports Coulter, try this on for size:

from Editor and Publisher:
Ann Coulter: Jews Need 'Perfecting

Appearing on Donny Deutsch's CNBC show, "The Big Idea," on Monday night, columnist/author Ann Coulter suggested that the U.S. would be a better place if there weren't any Jewish people and that they had "perfected" themselves into -- Christians.

It led Deutsch to suggest that surely he [sic] couldn't mean that, and when she insisted she did, he said this was "anti-Semitic."

Asked by Deutsch regarding whether she wanted to be like "the head of Iran" and "wipe Israel off the Earth," Coulter stated: "No, we just want Jews to be perfected, as they say. ..."


Anonymous said...

I listened carefully to Ann Coulter's comment about Jews needing perfecting to make sure that I heard it in context. Unfortunately, she has once again put both feet in her mouth and I am not completely convinced that she does not do this unintentionally. My message to Ms. Coulter is if you are going to quote the Bible, get your facts straight. The New Testament is clear about the Laws of God and that nothing was changed when it comes to keeping them. The new and old testaments are both relevant; the old emphasized the physical context of obeying God, the new emphasizes taking that obedience to the next level of keeping the letter AND the spirit of the Law. As a "Christian" Ms. Coulter needs to re-approach her understanding of what the Bible says more objectively, because it does not need her perspective. She does not speak for all Christians, thankfully.

Adam Holland said...

You're right, Joyce. This sort of controversy is completely intentional -- designed to get attention. It's Coulter's stock in trade. By the way, isn't Coulter promoting a book? I believe that was the case when she last caused a controversy, as the time before that. Quite a coincidence!

By the way, Judaism and Christianity are both diverse religions. Both religions include traditions that respect both the spirit and letter of the law, as well as diverse definitions of what "the law" is. Generalities on these subjects tend to oversimplify and stereotype.

In some respects your view of Christianity as a necessary correction to Jewish legalism goes hand in glove with Coulter's view that individual Jews need to be "perfected". I'm a live and let live sort of guy. Let every religion, and every individual, deal with these matters in the way that best suits them. Hopefully God can deal with the question of "perfecting" all of us.


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