Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"Interfaith" Peace group peddling Holocaust denial

Following up on a piece concerning Susanne Garrison Hoder, who founded what purports to be an interfaith peace group in Providence, Rhode Island, and also advocates for divestment from Israel via a United Methodist Church "Divestment Task Force" (read here):

It turns out that Hoder's "Interfaith Peace Initiative" publishes a reading list (read here) which recommends "The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians" by the notorious Holocaust denier and anti-Jewish polemicist Michael Hoffman II. Hoffman, the author of "Judaism's Strange Gods", maintains a website called The opening text of this website reads as follows: "Areas of interest which Hoffman has pioneered: Judaism: the anti-Biblical religion of racism, idolatry, superstition and deceit."

That must spark some interesting interfaith dialogue...

as must Mr. Hoffman's writings promoting the blood libel, calling Jews "parasites" and denying the existence of gas chambers in Nazi concentration camps. Here's a list of some of Hoffman's writings from a single page of links (the website has many, many more, as well as years of bizarre commentary on current events):

  1. The Truth About the Talmud: Jewish Supremacist Hate Literature
  2. The Jewish Century
  3. Shavuot Pogrom: "Nazis, Christians, Whores and Goyim"
  4. A Debate: Is Spielberg Guilty of Falsifying the Talmud in his Movie "Schindler's List"? The Truth About the Racist, Chauvinist Talmud
  5. The Jewish Mentality - Book I
  6. On Jews and Christians Living in the Same Place
  7. Are They "Jews" or Are They Really Khazars?
  8. The Searing Racism that is a Racist Thought Crime to Expose

In case anyone has any doubts as to the nature and intentions of Hoffman's works, they are readily available on hundreds of websites, but the reader must be willing to visit the websites of neo-Nazis and other racists.... or the Interfaith Peace Initiative of Providence, Rhode Island.

[SIDE NOTE: The Interfaith Peace Initiative reading list lists Hoffman's books under the heading "By Jewish Authors" (others on the list: Norman Finkelstein, Ilan Pappe, Michael Neumann; in other words, not exactly a representative sample of Jewish opinion. The religious affiliations of other authors on the list are not specified). Of course, Hoffman isn't Jewish; for this book, he invented a co-author named Moshe Lieberman, whom he identifies as a "former researcher at Hebrew University". Interestingly, no such person has ever worked at Hebrew University as a researcher and Hoffman has been unable to produce Mr. Lieberman. Hard to believe a scholar of Hoffman's repute would make something like that up.]

Author recommended by Interfaith Peace Inititiative (not a parody -- this was posted at his website):

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