Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Vail Daily Editorial on Holocaust Denial

Vail Colorado Daily News- Commentary: "Hating history"

Aspen’s public-access channel has decided not to allow a man to show a film that denies the atrocities of the Holocaust.

Steve Campbell, founder of a group called “Citizens for 9/11 Truth,” asked GrassRoots TV to air “Judea Declares War on Germany: A Critical Look at World War II,” which features a so-called Australian “scholar” (a professor of Anti-Semitism, perhaps?) who believes the slaughter of six million Jews did not occur.

It’s insane, of course, to even have this discussion. The Holocaust is the most well-documented, clearly understood mass murder in history. Not only have the survivors told their stories, but the Nazis themselves kept extensive records of the evil done in their death camps and by their death squads in the Jewish villages of Eastern Europe.

Campbell may as well be arguing that humans can breath water or that George Washington wasn’t the first president of the United States or that the World Trade Center is still standing.

He says he is being censored, but the decision not to show his pathetic film is not a question of freedom of speech. The best reason for not showing his film is that its premise is a lie.

Would anyone find it educational or even useful to show a film that argued blacks were never kept as slaves and all that history is just a conspiracy to make white Christian Europeans look bad?

The TV station made the decision not to be a platform for falsehood and ignorance made more vile by the fact that its only purpose is to spread hate.

Because those who deny the Holocaust are not scientists trying to wrench some shadowy truth out of our murky past, They are bigots and fools who, for some reason, hate history and want to keep alive the oppression Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, sympathetic Germans and countless others suffered at the hands of the Nazis.

— Matt Zalaznick for the Editorial Board

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