Monday, May 16, 2011

Jesse Ventura pushes bizarre 9/11 secret weapon claim

Ventura backs theories of Dr. Judy Wood

It's not news that Jesse Ventura is a 9/11 truther. It comes as something of a surprise to me that he is not only a part of that lunatic fringe of people who don't believe the World Trade Center towers were destroyed by the planes that crashed into them. He now says that he believes that the towers were also not destroyed by nano-thermite, controlled demolition, nuclear weapons, or any of the other "mainstream" truther theories. He says that he believes that the towers were destroyed by a secret weapon. In an interview on the Alex Jones radio show, Ventura made this extraordinarily odd claim.

Ventura: There was something else in play there Alex. There was something in play that day, that -- I don't even know what it is, but I can equate it to being like a microwave. You know how you can take a piece of chicken and put it on a paper plate and stick it in the microwave and the chicken will burn but the paper plate won't?

Jones: Yes.

Ventura: Well, something happened that day equivalent to a microwave. And by capturing bin Laden maybe we could have found out what weapon he really has. Because I just learned there were 1400 cars that day toasted on the streets of Manhattan.

Where does he get this bizarre theory from? He tells Jones that he got it from a book Where Did the Towers Go, by Judy Wood.

YouTube - Gov. Jesse Ventura talks about Dr. Judy Wood's work on The Alex Jones Show

Check out the below-embedded video interview with Judy Wood to get a sense of what Ventura believes. (The interview starts at about 4:00 of the video.)

Wood starts off that interview by saying that she believes that the fact that others don't share her beliefs is "bizarre". She goes on to say that moon landing never happened, but "you're not supposed to question it". She then reveals her motivation in seeking an odd explanation for 9/11. She says, apparently referring to JFK assassination cosnpiracy theories, that "grassy knoll is the unofficial official story", the one you're "supposed to believe". This she equates with the standard truther theories: controlled demolition, nano-thermite, etc.  She believes that the standard conspiracy theories are products of the same disinformation campaign as the official story is.  Her fellow truthers are either part of the conspiracy or are its unwitting dupes.  That is an extremely paranoid view of an extremely paranoid movement.

Wood goes on in the interview to claim that the falling towers "emitted no sound". Her proof is that she has seen videos where the sound is not audible. Additional proof? She has seen video where the plane crashes into the tower, and people below take a second or two to react. As should be readily obvious, the fact that they react at all indicates that they heard a noise. Moreover, Dr. Wood seems unaware that the speed of light exceeds the speed of sound. Of course it took a second or two for the sound to startle people who weren't looking up. That's when the sound reached ground level. This is the level of scientific evidence Dr. Judy Wood brings to the 9/11 truth party.

Check out her lecture to a 2006 truther conference below, to get a further sense of the sheer absurdity of the stuff that Ventura and Jones are pushing now.

Who on earth could believe this stuff? I mean other than Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones? How about the people at the Ron Paul Forums? (Read here.)  They say that "Dr. Judy Wood's book is finally here!" and "it's a book of vast importance".

I wish I could say that this is merely the work of harmless cranks, but considering how many credulous souls actually believe this stuff, I really don't think these cranks are all that harmless.


Anonymous said...

I'm ashamed to be from Minnesota. The fact that he was ever governor still boggles the mind.

Oh Crap said...

Oh cripes, Dr. Judy Woo.

I don't know if you've heard of Jerry Leaphart, her crank lawyer (and also the one arguing before the UN that "antisemitism" must be removed from the dictionary -- yes, it always does come to that.)

This thread at forums catalogs Woo's and Leaphart's return into 9/11 trooth stupidity Leaphart = the poster "jammonius".

Amusing, sad, revolting, and as you suggest, not exactly harmless, either.

Escape The Matrix said...

As a scientist and medical student, I must rely on verifiable evidence to formulate my opinions. For this reason, I cannot accept the claim that jetfuel and/or explosives are what caused the overwhelming amount of anomalous damage on 9/11, because the evidence does not support those claims. Explosives and/or jetfuel do not explain the physical evidence, but Dr. Judy Wood does, and that is why I support her. She is fighting for all of us.

Best wishes,


Adam Holland said...

Oh Crap: Thanks for the comment. I think that I wrote something about Leaphart a few years ago, although I'm not sure that I posted it. I'm going to look back and see if I can find it. If memory serves, he was actually taken seriously about other issues. I seem to remember his actually being on the board of some NGO.

PookztA: As a scientist and medical student, you must understand that reaching conclusions without providing a logical basis does nothing to further this conversation. Considering the sheer wackiness of Judy Wood's claims (calling them theories may give them too much credit), you might as well be saying that you believe in alchemy or astrology. Bottom line: the idea that some "anomalous damage" which could not have been caused by plane crashes, fires and building collapses forces you to conclude that the World Trade Center was destroyed by a mystery secret weapon dependent on principles of physics which are being kept secret by some mysterious elite is borderline insane.

If you care to argue the point, I would be curious to hear what you consider a rational basis for reaching this bizarre conclusion. It might be helpful if you can avoid citing the alleged fact that you're a medical student to support the claim that you are aware of secret principles of physics of which real scientists are unaware.

Lysander Spooner said...

What a poorly written attempt to spread disinfo and discredit others. How much do they pay you to keep the propaganda mill running? And I'm not defending Alex (the shill) Jones or Ventura.

The "official story" for every example mentioned above; JFK, moon landing, 9/11, are all as ridiculous as the stories you tell young children about subjects they're not prepared to hear about. Sex for example. 'Babies come from storks' is the equivalent of what the media feeds the masses in regards to 9/11 and every other nonsensical "official story" the government poops out.

Anonymous said...

She is a very destructive shill. How come the World Trade Center, Marriott in Mubai, and the Kenya mall were all owned by the same people? So many witnesses heard the bombs going off in the north and south towers that day. What treason to cover it up.


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