Monday, May 16, 2011

Ron Paul website racism

Ron Paul website posts racist video, warns of New Black Panther "day of rage"

One of the main websites of the Ron Paul presidential campaign, the "Ron Paul Forums", has posted a racist video which claims that the New Black Panther Party planned to hold a "national day of rage" for April 23. While the demonstration warned of in the video failed to materialize, the website still has the highly offensive video posted. (Read here.)

In addition to warning of the incipient "day of rage", the video shows a white man mocking African-American speech patterns and making a telephone call to a New Black Panther office in which claims to be a member of the original Black Panther Party.


Anonymous said...

That forum has NO connection to the campaign, it is a bulletin board site supporters use for whatever they want.

Adam Holland said...

Let's not get too legalistic about this. That website acts as a de facto arm of the Ron Paul campaign. Moreover, the contributors and their posts are subject to the approval of the administrators. Your claim that this forum simply allows anyone to post anything, and that the Ron Paul campaign has no say in the matter, simply don't pass the laugh test. How absurd.

Why don't you try an experiment? Register with the forum and try to post a column criticizing Ron Paul. How long do you think it will take the administrators to delete it?

Adam Holland said...
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Adam Holland said...

Since I posted this, more than half of the administrative staff of the Ron Paul Forums has left temporarily to work for the Ron Paul presidential campaign in senior roles. As I wrote, this forum is and was an unofficial arm of the Ron Paul campaign. It essentially WAS his campaign between the two elections.


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