Tuesday, May 17, 2011

92-year old Arab: massacre Jews like we did in Hebron

(Hat tip: Elder of Ziyon: Video: 92-year old Arab fondly remembers her father massacring Jews)

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Robert H said...

I just found your site. Great stuff.

As I looked at this post, I thought to myself...'I won't be seeing this video on Greenwald's blog' (nor any other widely available, hate-filled videos from Palestinian TV). But Glenn was real quick to post this gem when he thought he was breaking a huge story. Only problem was that he was utterly duped by propaganda. And if he'd taken about a minute to research it, he'd have found that out (took me 30 seconds).


And of course (unlike the people at Uruknet) he never issued a real correction or apology.

For a great summation of that ugly episode, check out this column from Jay Adler:


He's a terrific writer and has done a number of pieces on Greenwald. The links can be found from the one above. And there is a Part II to the Hypocrisy and Bullshit piece, but you have to add an 'i' to the url at the end of the first. Don't know why it's not linked directly.

Hope you find this interesting if you haven't seen it.


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