Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gilad Atzmon to speak at Oakland Methodist church

Anti-Jewish activist Gilad Atzmon will be speaking in Oakland, CA on Tuesday evening on behalf of the organization US Boat to Gaza - West. (Read here.) The event will raise funds for American participants in a planned convoy of boats to Gaza. It will take place at the Lake Merritt United Methodist Church, recent hosts of an ersatz seder with an anti-Israel theme. (Read here.) A leftist local paper with a reputation for disproportionate and biased coverage of Israel, the Berkeley Daily Planet, is promoting the event. (The paper essentially features local news and anti-Israel editorials.)  A front page notice in the paper describes Atzmon as "worldwide-renowned [sic] jazz saxophonist par excellence (who) holds a PhD in philosophy and is a prolific writer and speaker on Israel-Palestine".

In 2009, the Bay Area Women in Black hosted a pro-ISM speech by Atzmon at the Fellowship of Universalist Unitarians in neighboring Berkeley, provoking demonstrations respectively opposing and supporting Atzmon.

Among his supporters was Stephen Pearcy, a local activist attorney with a penchant for controversy.  (He has repeatedly hung U.S. soldiers in effigy on the front of his house, and has demonstrated in front of the California state capitol with an image of the U.S. flag being flushed down a toilet.)  Pearcy is pictured below at the demonstration wearing a Nasrallah t-shirt and carrying a Hamas banner.


Talhe said...

Completely disgusting; there's no way that the church doesn't know about his views. They're willingly sinking into the sewer of antisemitism/Judeophobia by slumming with Atzmon.

Dusty said...

And we are on it:

May 10 4- 5pm
Vigil against Anti-Semitism in Oakland: Lake Merritt United Methodist Church, 1330 Lakeshore Ave, Oakland

Tomorrow, Tuesday night, May 10 the Lake Merritt United Methodist Church in Oakland is hosting a talk by Gilad Atzmon as a fundraiser for the US boat to Gaza. Atzmon is an ex-Israeli who now resides in the UK; he has renounced not only being Israeli, but his membership in the Jewish people and now writes and promotes classically anti-Semitic remarks.

It sounds too bizarre to be true, but he has left a well documented trail of anti-Semitic remarks such as:
"I'm not going to say whether it is right or not to burn down a synagogue, I can see that it is a rational act.'"

"It is about time we internalise the fact that Israel and Zionism are the ultimate Evil with no comparison."

"To regard Hitler as the ultimate evil is nothing but surrendering to the Zio-centric discourse. To regard Hitler as the wickedest man and the Third Reich as the embodiment of evilness is to let Israel off the hook."

""Throughout the centuries, Jewish bankers bought for themselves some real reputations of backers and financers of wars, and even one communist revolution. Though rich Jews had been happily financing wars using their assets, Alan Greenspan, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve of the United States, found a far more sophisticated way to finance the wars perpetrated by his ideological brothers Libby and Wolfowitz."

" The 'Elders of Zion' syndrome: Zionists complain that Jews continue to be associated with a conspiracy to rule the world via political lobbies, media and money. Is the suggestion of conspiracy really an empty accusation?
The following list is presented with pride in several Jewish American websites.
Jews in Bush's Administration (a list of some 30 names follows…)
Let me assure you, in Clinton's administration the situation was even worse. Even though the Jews only make up 1.9 per cent of the country's population, an astounding 56 per cent of Clinton's appointees were Jews. A coincidence? I don't think so."

"I would suggest that perhaps we should face it once and for all: the Jews were responsible for the killing of Jesus who, by the way, was himself a Palestinian Jew. …..Why is it that the Jews who repeatedly demand that the Christian world should apologise for its involvement in previous persecutions, have never thought that it is about time that they apologised for killing Jesus?"

As if that's not enough, Atzmon also boasts on his website of circulating an article denying the Holocaust written by an extremist in the UK named Paul Eisen, and supports the Swedish anti-Semitic fascist who writes under the pen name "Israel Shamir". Shamir has claimed that Jews have indeed slaughtered Christian children for their blood (the infamous "blood libel" now being vigorously promoted in some Arab countries), and claimed that "Auschwitz was an internment facility, attended by the Red Cross". Atzmon calls Shamir "a unique and advanced thinker".

San Francisco Voice for Israel will hold a vigil outside the church from 4-5

Suggested signs:

"Hate speech: not welcome here"
"Hate speech is unjust"

Please invite your non-Jewish friends to this event. This is about hate speech in the Bay Area, and decent people of all religions and (almost) all political orientations should be justifiably concerned about this type of extremism being welcomed into our community.

StandWithUs/ San Francisco Voice for Israel

for further information or questions: e-mail us at

Join the SF Voice For Israel group on Facebook!
http://www.facebook .com/group. php?gid=22259707 003

Dusty said...

And please, give the church a call. (510) 465-4793
Ask them if they'd host the KKK. Ask tehm why they think its ok to enable anti-Semitism


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