Friday, May 13, 2011

Google blogger service all fouled up

A technical note:  It's come to my attention that Google Blogger has experienced a major disruption of its service over the past 48 hours.  At least 10 comments to my post on Ron Paul's racist newsletters have been lost, as have a couple of other blog posts in their entirety.  I'm not certain if they will be restored.  The continuity of the comments string appears to be irreparable, but commenters are encouraged to resubmit their comments if they are currently missing.



ModernityBlog said...

Hi Adam,

Why not setup a parallel blog on Wordpress?

It is 5-10 mins max and WP will import your old blogger posts, bring you up to date, then you can decide if you want to switch?

Henoch said...

With me too, when I posted on 'The Elders' of anti-zion, and our Queen Beatrix invited them, the new world order anti-Israel club. Half post and photo's were deleted, also important warnings against 3rd muslim intifada.

Adam Holland said...

The cock crows at midnight?

Adam Holland said...

Modernity: I'm in the process of taking your suggestion. I've been putting it off for years, but the technical superiority of Wordpress, and the total f-ed up way Blogger deleted a really good comment string has made this the right time.


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