Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"As a Jew" protesters heckle AIPAC

“Growing up as the son of Holocaust survivor, I learned that it is everyone’s job to stand up for others when they are persecuted..." said Jewish American protester Rick Colbath-Hess, 53 from Cambridge, Massachusetts.

As a young Jewish person it is important for me to stand up today and tell Netanyahu and AIPAC that their voices do not represent me,” said Ariel Vegosen, 30, from Valley Stream, New York...

Bruce Taub, 71, from Massachusetts and associated with American Jews for a Just Peace, was another protester. “As a Jewish man, I come from a people who have been scattered about the world without losing their identity."


Marni Jane said...

I once tried to do this the other way around, intentionally prefacing my comments at a BDS event with "asajew" just for shits and grins. I was subsequently unofficially banned from all future events.
Funny how it's only the folks who will cynically use their identity to prop up views that are noxious to most jews who are allowed to speak "as a jew".

Anonymous said...

Rae Abileah is the deeply troubled young woman who was arrested for interupting Netanyahu at Congress. She has done this to many Jewish speakers, many times, before. Sadly, she was abandonned by her Jewish father, and desperately seeks attention, (often inappropriately), and she seeks to get back at her fathers's people. I hope that people will consider her state of mind, and not condemn this deeply disturbed young woman without understanding her motivation


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