Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gilad Atzmon promotes speech on Holocaust denial website

Gilad Atzmon is using a notorious Holocaust denial website to advertise a speech and performance he is giving tonight at a Methodist church in Oakland, CA. (Read here.) The website, which is maintained by Michael Santomauro, publishes articles propounding what Santomauro euphemistically refers to as "historical revisionism" concerning Naziism and the Holocaust, as well as anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist articles, and promotional material for books with the same themes. A notice on the website indicates that Atzmon himself sent the promotional notice to the Santomauro website for publication there.

Santomauro made a small fortune by creating a service which helps New York City apartment dwellers find roommates. His clients have reported that they were surprised to receive Holocaust denial propaganda emails after using his roommate service. (Read here.) Earlier this year, Santomauro got some local press by emailing Holocaust denial material to everyone on the mailing list associated with the Upper East Side public school attended by his 9-year-old son. (Read here.) That email promoted a book entitled Debating the Holocaust, which Santomauro published at his own expense and possibly authored under the pseudonym "Timothy Dalton, PhD". (Read here.)

Santomauro has worked as an advance man for David Irving's New York appearances, sometimes under the pseudonym "Michael Singer", under which name he has booked venues for Irving to promote his books. (Read here.) Emails between Irving and Santomauro planning a speaking engagement were copied from Irving's website by hackers and leaked to Wikileaks. (I wrote about that here. The hacked emails are online here. A prior post mentioning Santomauro's link to Irving is available here.)

Santomauro is also reported to have run the Holocaust denial website VHO during the imprisonment of it's founder Germar Rudolf for violation of Germany's laws against promotion of racism. (Read here.)

In addition to the book written by him or "Dalton", Santomauro currently promotes and sells a book called The Riddle of the Jew’s Success, which was written by the German anti-Semitic ideologue of the pre-Nazi and early Nazi era, Theodor Fritsch, author of The Anti-Semitic Chatechism. Santomauro advertises the book as follows:

An amazing book, originally written in 1927, revealing how the Jews and the Jewish culture, for many centuries, have used deception, treachery and immorality in business, trade and economic life to amass WEALTH – their ONLY “god” and to destroy the honest businesses of the non-Jews.

(That advertisement can also be found on a website called GoodNewsAboutGod.com.) Santomauro's use of his Amazon store to sell this book led to his being banned from Amazon. Santomauro was later accused of issuing threats to and releasing private contact information for the person who brought the matter to Amazon's attention. (Read here.) For a number of years, Santomauro published a long list of Holocaust denial books and papers which he sold or made available free online via another website, tadb.org. That website is no longer active. (Archived example here.)

Gilad Atzmon is using Santomauro's website to advertise his appearance at a fundraiser for an organization promoting a prospective convoy of boats to Gaza. The fundraiser will take place at the Lake Merritt Methodist Church in Oakland, CA , and is associated with the organization US Boat to Gaza - West. (Read here.) In addition to the promotional material, Atzmon provided Santomauro with video of a recent anti-Israel panel which Atzmon held in London, which Atzmon calls with characteristic modesty "Must watch video: Gilad Atzmon in action..."

A commenter to a prior post on this blog concerning Atzmon's appearance at Lake Merritt Methodist Church has indicated that a demonstration against anti-Semitism will be there to greet him. The demonstration is being scheduled to take place this afternoon, May 10, from 4:00-5:00PM at Lake Merritt United Methodist Church, 1330 Lakeshore Ave, Oakland, CA.


Anonymous said...

Please give the lake Merrit United Methodist Church a call. (510) 465-4793, or send them an email pastor@lakemerrittumc.org

Remind them that virulent anti-Semitism is unacceptable regardless of one's position on the Israel/Palestine issue.

Thank you

Michael Santomauro said...

“I wish to express my outrage that the Holocaust, unlike any other historical event, is not subject to critical revisionist investigation. Furthermore I deplore the fact that many so-called democratic states have laws that criminalize public doubting of the Holocaust. It is my position that the veracity of Holocaust assertions should be determined in the marketplace of scholarly discourse and not in our legislatures bodies and courthouses.” –Michael Santomauro in New York City

Adam Holland said...
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Ben said...

Dear Michael and Andrew-who-obviously-can't-spell-X,

The scholarship battle is over and you lost due to abysmal research and constant lying, along with your pin-up boys like Irving and Zundel turning out to be imbeciles. Please continue fighting in order to make yourselves look even stupider and destroy any attempts your bankrupt "revisionist" movement could make a comeback. I'm glad to have guys like you 2 on my side!

Anonymous said...

Try posting a comment at Atzman's website. One should forbid comments obscene, libelous, or illegal. Perhaps one might ban racist, homophobic, ageist, sexist, etc., comments. Barring disputation of what one has written & then arguing one's speech is being limited is hypocrisy.
In fact, why don't we all email Mr. Atzman's website asking for a place to post argument for or against his words? Do this today & see what happens.


adamhollandblog [AT] gmail [DOT] com