Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gilad Atzmon Gaza fundraiser flops

Only 35 people showed up tonight to hear Gilad Atzmon speak and play sax at a fundraiser for a group called  U.S. Boat to Gaza - West which is planning to participate in a prospective Gaza flotilla.  The sparsely attended event was held in the sanctuary of the Lake Merritt Methodist Church in Oakland, California, which has a capacity of 250.

I called the church earlier today to ask why they thought it appropriate to host someone with Atzmon's extensive record of bigoted commentary.  I have not yet heard back from them.


Rebecca said...

Thanks for posting this - I'm glad so few people showed up. Do you know someone who was there & wrote about it more extensively?

Adam Holland said...

Not yet, Rebecca. I'll post more info as I find out about it.

aviv said...

Great news.

This man is deeply disturbed I must say.

Thank you for the update Adam.

Anonymous said...

How times change... the next time Atzmon speaks in America, he'll be turning people away at the door. Thanks to the incompetent campaign against him, his latest book is selling by the truckload...


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