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"Intifada Palestine" website: Norway massacre done by Jewish-Masonic conspiracy.

The "Intifada Palestine" website and Facebook group are promoting a conspiracy theory blaming a conspiracy of Jews and Freemasons for the massacre of Norwegian school children committed by Anders Breivik on July 22. It's sick stuff. Intifada Palestine claims that this worldwide conspiracy planned and executed the massacre, and charges that the Norwegian government is secretly infiltrated by Freemasons and Mossad agents. They claim that this conspiracy involves a massive cover-up by the news media -- or as they call it, "the Zionist-controlled media". Read it here: Massacre In Norway: Mossad Strikes Again Under ‘Lone Gunman’ Cover | Intifada Palestine

Here's a quote:

Anders Behring Breivik’s initiated friends in the Oslo police department and Norwegian security services; fellow Freemasons, sworn to secrecy through the blood oath of the order and who work for the betterment of any Masonic brother in need. Revealing secrets of the order is punishable by death. Norway’s security establishment in particular has been controlled by Freemasonry since at least 1957. But Breivik is no mere Freemason. No, Breivik is part of a Masonic terror organization that is closely allied with the Zionist entity. It is essential to note, that Freemasonry would not exist without the Jewish mystical practice known as ‘Kabbalah,’ an esoteric set of teachings rooted in devil worship and anti-Gentile xenophobia.

The goal of this purported Satanic conspiracy to kill Norwegian children, Intifada Palestine alleges, is preventing the United Nations from officially recognizing the Palestine, although the logic for how this would work seems . . . cloudy.

Breivik honed his skills, perfected his tactics and learned how to develop bombs in pine forest ‘training camps’ with a ‘neo-Nazi’ group known as The Vikings. Intelligence sources from Pakistan and Norway have revealed to Mask of Zion [a pseudonym used by the column's author] that The Vikings are the farthest thing from neo-Nazis and have sinisterly used the label as a front. The Vikings are a proxy of the Zionist entity’s Mossad, and have served as the European branch of Israel’s Dragon Policy operation since 2001. Weapons, funds to build camps and set up cells and high-level paramilitary training have been provided to The Vikings by a Mossad team stationed in Oslo. Mossad’s movement between camps and headquarters was/is protected by its Freemasonic allies in Norway’s terribly corrupted security establishment. The Vikings are part of a 10-year operational ‘standby’ plan to balkanize any European nation that is not prepared to adhere to the Zionist regime’s ‘Greater Israel’ vision. Several cells have been set up throughout Europe with ‘sleeping orders,’ awaiting activation. Norway was the first target and the operations base.

This intelligence is confirmed by Zionist asset and Breivik object of admiration Daniel Pipes, who just so happens to foresee Europe entering a state of “protracted civil conflict” in a matter of a few short years. Just two days after the Norway attacks, Zionist Defense Minister and war criminal Ehud Barak stated that “Israel must exert all efforts” in stopping UN recognition of a Palestinian state (bantustan) in September. He specifically mentioned Europe as Zionism’s main target in this mobilization.

The explanation of the conspiracy theory continues by somehow bringing Wikileaks and the Rothschilds into the picture:

In the modern era, no geopolitical analysis would be complete without the mentioning of the world’s ‘finest whistleblower,’ Wikileaks. Anders Behring Breivik stated that he had been planning his attack since 2009 and by some mystical, odd, magical coincidence, Wikileaks released ‘cables’ from 2009 on the exact same day of Breivik’s rampage that Norway was “in over its head” in regards to a terror attack, going further to state that Norway “felt immune to terrorism” and was “unprepared.” When it is taken into consideration that Julian Assange is an agent of the Rothschild family, the Zionist entity’s godfathers, and the Wikileaks organization is a Mossad-CIA ‘limited hangout operation’ designed to control dissent in a re-branding of COINTELPRO and attack ‘hostile’ nations with psychological warfare, it can easily be deducted that the release of these ‘cables’ was the usurping Israeli regime’s way of gloating as Norway coped with the tragedy.

It is now known that Anders Behring Breivik traveled to the Zionist entity several times before the July 22nd operation. What isn’t known is what Breivik’s reasons were for traveling to Zionist-governed historic Palestine, but based on the evidence presented in the previous section, it is of the strongest likelihood that Breivik made pilgrimage to the occupied holy land to receive additional orders from his Tel Aviv paymasters. The target of Breivik and his accomplice in Oslo was Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and Breivik has now admitted that his target on Ut√łya Island was former Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland, commonly referred to as the ‘the mother of the nation.’ These were assassination attempts and they overtly wreak of Mossad involvement. But why didn’t Kidon, Mossad’s high-level assassination unit, pull the trigger directly? And furthermore, why didn’t Israel use its typical ‘Islamic fundamentalist’ patsies for the operation?

The answers are relatively simple. July 22nd, 2011 was a Friday. An ‘Islamic fundamentalist’ carrying out a terror attack when he should be in the masjid (mosque) performing Salat al-Jumu’ah (mandatory Friday prayers) doesn’t make much sense, now does it? Every operation that the Zionist entity carries out has a psychological warfare aspect to it. By unveiling its European Dragon Policy operatives, Tel Aviv was sending an intimidating message to the governments of Europe: ‘fall in line or you will be struck; any place, any time, by people that look just like you.’ Friday also represents the start of the Jewish Sabbath, taking Mossad’s Kidon unit (reportedly comprised entirely of religious Jews) out of the picture. Enter Breivik, who played his role as ‘shabbos goy’ to the letter. ‘Shabbos goy,’ is a Yiddish phrase that simply means a gentile who provides assistance to Jews during the Sabbath. But in the modern sense, in the fields of intelligence and war, a ‘shabbos goy’ is a gentile who would literally (and willingly) kill for the Zionist state.

The column concludes by claiming that Israel committed this attack, the Mumbai terrorist attack, and 9/11, motivated both by a belief in numerology, and by an adherence to what it describes as the "twisted" religion of Judaism:

While many will dismiss the idea of a Zionist-Masonic alliance as laughable, delusional or the all-time favorite, “conspiracy theory,” there is an undeniable link that exists between the Talmudic enclave built upon ethnically cleansed Palestinian land and the satanic secret society that has had a prominent, clandestine hand in world events for centuries. One needs to look no further than the buildings and lodges donated to the Zionist entity by its founders, the international banking giants and originators, the Rothschild family, who are rumored to “own” 80% of historic Palestine. Literally, Freemasonry is written all over each massive structure. The reason why this connection needs to be discussed is painfully significant. The Zionist regime is exceedingly precise in carrying out its intelligence operations of death and destruction on anniversaries, on Jewish holidays or on days with deeper, “spiritual” meaning in the Kabbalist-Masonic context of “sacred geometry.”

Examples: Mossad’s false flag attack on September 11th, 2001; in Kabbalistic teaching, the numbers (9/11) represent the day in which the religion of the world becomes one of which that requires its followers to disbelieve in ‘God’ on earth and believe that all life on earth should be annihilated. Leading 9/11 researcher, journalist, writer, professor and scholar Kevin Barrett described the September 11th attacks as “a mass human sacrifice designed to ritually inaugurate a New World Order of global government by Satanists and atheists.” It is also 11 years to the day that George Bush’s father called for such a ‘New World Order.’ Next, one of Mossad’s false flag attacks in Mumbai and the infamous train bombings in Madrid; the events of both attacks were overwrought with Kabbalistic numerology, the destructive number 11 in particular. Also, the criminal, genocidal, Zionist invasions of Iraq and Libya; both nations were invaded on the twisted Jewish revenge holiday of Purim, in which the blood of the Amalekites (in this case, Arabs) must be spilled for the ‘Jewish people’ to rejoice in victory.

And now: the 7/22 (‘oddly enough,’ the sum of the numbers is Kabbalistic 11) atrocities in Norway; 65 years to the day that terrorism in the Middle East was born, when the deranged and mass murdering Irgun militia, led by future Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, bombed the King David Hotel in al-Quds, killing at least 92 people. This sanguinary operation paved the way for the Zionist entity to be established. It is an event that is celebrated to this day by Zionists, including the butcher of Gaza himself and current leader of the occupation, Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Intifada Palestine column cites a Press TV interview ("Zionist trail in Norway terror attacks") with someone called Peter Eyre as its primary source for the "facts" underlying this conspiracy theory. (Read here.) Press TV identifies Eyre as a "consultant" with an expertise in the Middle East, although I can find little trace of him other than his blog (read here). The Press TV article, in spite of its headline, offers no evidence other than Peter Eyre's say-so of Breivik's connection to Israel. Eyre, in turn, offers no evidence for his claim, and admits that he doesn't really have any, repeatedly saying that he believes that Israel was involved, but can't say for certain.

For the masonic connection, Intifada Palestine cites a post by Gordon Duff at his blog Veterans Today as its source. Duff's promotion of bizarre conspiracy theories and Holocaust denial have led other conspiracy theory advocates to accuse him of being an agent provocateur tasked with discrediting the movement. Apparently Intifada Palestine hasn't gotten that memo, however. They rely on a convoluted column by Duff called "Secret Terror, the Price of Ignorance" for the charge that the Norwegian government has been infiltrated by a cabal of Freemasons. (Read here.) Duff helpfully includes in his column a video of a 1961 speech by John F. Kennedy against both communism and the United States excessively resorting to the use of official secrecy in opposing communism. Duff absurdly claims that Kennedy was warning not against potential excesses in fighting the Cold War, but about a worldwide conspiracy of Freemasons and Jews. The YouTube posting of this video labels it "J.F. Kennedy talks about secret devils, (Masons & Illuminati)".  Watch it for yourself, and see whether you see it as a evidence that an occult conspiracy controls the world.

I feel sad for the poor, benighted individuals who, based either on support for the Palestinians or on fear of what they cannot understand, accept the drivel published by these people as true. That Intifada Palestine would promote this to its thousands of followers speaks for itself.


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Jonathan Azaziah who refers to himself as a Hebrew wrote this piece of garbage.

He was a guest columnist at Veterans Today.


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Jonathan Azaziah who refers to himself as a Hebrew wrote this piece of garbage.

He was a guest columnist at Veterans Today.


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