Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Alan Hart predicts Palestinian "final solution", supports Assad and Nasrallah

Alan Hart has told interviewers that, on 9/11, Mossad agents using cell phone equipped with transponders steered the planes that hit the World Trade Center.  He went on to explain that this did not bring down the towers. He says that the building were brought down by what he calls "controlled ground explosions".  (Read here.)   He went on to state in that interview that Israel had stolen several nuclear weapons from U.S. military bases which it intends to explode in U.S. cities. When asked for his evidence, he told his interviewer (the former University of Wisconsin instructor and current podcaster and Holocaust denier Kevin Barrett) that he had it, but that he couldn't provide it at that time because it was on a computer he did not have with him. Although Hart had a career as a journalist (he actually worked as a correspondent for ITN and BBC about 30 - 40 years ago), he somehow has failed to perceive that he has uncovered the greatest news story of the past century -- maybe of all time -- and follow up on his revelations with the the evidence which will put him in the pantheon of the greatest journalists ever. Either that, or he made up all the whole thing and he's a completely unreliable nutter posing as a reliable source. I choose the latter.

Not everyone agrees with me on this, of course. RT, the Russia Today network, provide him with a forum, as does the Iranian regime's English language propaganda outlet Press TV. On Press TV, Hart hosts an interview show where his guests have included Norman Finkelstein, John Pilger and Ilan Pappe.  In the U.S., Hart has been a guest on Alex Jones meshuga conspiracy theory radio program, Kevin Barrett's "9/11 truth" podcast, and the public access TV show hosted by Hesham Tillawi.  Hart also writes a regular column for the the atrocious hate website dishonestly called Veterans Today. (If calling a website devoted to hate speech, Holocaust denial and conspiracy theories by that name isn't an insult to veterans, nothing is.)

With all that, Hart has recently come out with the following dire prediction in a blog post he wrote in support of a column by David Hearst which appeared in the Guardian last week:

"Zionism’s in-Israel leaders [may] create a pretext (possibly involving Mossad agents dressed as Arabs planting bombs) to go for a final round of ethnic cleansing – to drive the Palestinians off the West Bank and into Jordan or wherever.

"It's because I believe a Zionist Final Solution . . . is a real possibility in a foreseeable future that I think a way should be found for the major powers, led by America, to put Israel on public notice that if it did resort to a final round of ethnic cleansing, it would be universally condemned as a criminal state and subjected to sanctions of every kind, universally applied."

That column can be read at his blog here: “Could Arab (Palestinian) staying power ultimately defeat Zionism?” or, with insane Veterans Today comment string attached, here.

To restate his comment, Alan Hart writes that Israel may be planning to carry out terrorist attacks on itself in order to blame them on Palestinians. He alleges that this will be the pretext for Israel to expel Palestinians from the West Bank. To prevent this, he proposes that the international community warn Israel that such behavior would be sanctioned.

And this is nothing new for Hart.  Back in July 2010, he told a Russia Today interviewer (read here):

“I think Israel’s leaders will invent a pretext to drive the Palestinians off the West Bank, into Jordan, Syria or wherever. And the blood will flow. The West Bank will be soaked with blood, it will be mostly Palestinian blood… That wouldn’t be the end of the story. It would so inflame Arab and Muslim masses that you will be opening the Pandora’s Box of a much wider conflict.”

If those absurd predictions and recommendations don't impeach Alan Hart as a source, what will?  How about the fact that, as recently as April 28, 2011, he was still defending Bashar Assad? At that time, he told a Russia Today interviewer (read here) that:

I don’t think young Assad is in control. I think Assad is probably more or less a prisoner of his generals and the security services. He gave the world the impression when he came to power 10-11 years ago that he was going to be, not like his father who was a tyrant, he was going to a reformer. I suspect that probably was the genuine “son of the father”, but I think right now he is probably, as I would say, a prisoner. And they are just going to shoot, and shoot, and shoot. And rather like the Israelis don’t give a damn about what the world thinks, I don’t think Syria’s security forces will either.

Hart went to say in that interview that he believes Hasan Nasrallah to be the Middle East's greatest statesman, a champion of democracy, and that Hafez Assad was a puppet of Israel:

I also think Hezbollah has vested interest in what is going on here. I mean, I am not one of those who write Hezbollah off as a terrorist group. I think Sheik Nasrallah, Hezbollah’s leader, is head and shoulders above all other Arab leaders in the region. I think he is a real leader, and I think Hezbollah has evolved into a truly democratic party. So, I don’t think it would want any boats rocked either.

But if Syria were to fall, I think you are really asking me what would happen. Well, I don’t think Syria will fall to the extent that I can’t see a scenario in which Syrian security doesn’t remain in control. And what the world doesn’t know about Syria is that for many years under this present president’s father, it actually cooperated with Israel. It was actually at times an Israeli puppet. In the 1967 war – I tell the full story of this in my book – there was a secret understanding between Syria and Israel before the ‘67 war. So Syria plays its cards very, very well to survive in this region. It’s much too early to write off the regime there in my view.
In a more recent interview with RT, Hart impugns the motives for Western opposition to Bashar Assad's brutality, saying (read here):

The interest of the West is in getting rid of the minority ruling group of the country.  I would assume that British and US policies want Syria detached from Iran.

On another subject, Alan Hart recently used the mass-murder committed by the Norwegian Anders Breivik as an occasion to blame those crimes on Israel.  (Read here.)  In that column, Hart writes:

From the obscenity of the Nazi holocaust to the present, Zionism’s success in selling its propaganda lies as truth is the reason why the search for peace based on an acceptable amount of justice for the Palestinians has been, and remains, a mission impossible .  . . It’s bad enough that Zionist propaganda has prevented a cure for it, but if now that same propaganda is inspiring Europeans in Europe to slaughter their own, the future is very, very frightening.

In that column, Hart fails to indicate what lies about the Holocaust Zionists promote, or how Israel promoted or benefits from the massacre of Norwegian children.

I have no doubt that Alan Hart truly believes the apocalyptic scenarios he imagines to be true, and that he tells the truth when he says that they frighten him.  That he and the media outlets which enable him choose to frighten others with these mad fantasies and give them an air of reality for a credulous, biased or delusional audience does a disservice to everyone, regardless of political opinion.

My prior writing about Alan Hart is available here.  I recommend that readers check out David Aaronovitch's recent column for the Jewish Chronicle, Anti-Zionists Having a Laugh, for more on Hart.  That column describes a recent conference which Hart headlined during which Jews were blamed for causing the Holocaust.  Gilad Atzmon, who made that charge, found it amusing that Jews wouldn't understand why they were to blame. Also for your consideration, from a website promoting Gilad Atzmon, is Alan Hart's amusing description of himself as a "covert diplomat in the Middle East".  (Read here.)  He doesn't indicate on which government's behalf he served in this capacity.  Clearly, Alan Hart has a very tenuous grasp of the difference between reality and his fevered imagination.


Benjamin said...

Being a rabid ideologue/conspiracy theorist/Alan Hart means never having to apologize or correct yourself. It must be a easier life then living in the reality-grounded community.

Dvar Dea said...

Alan Hart has a pathological need to appease the most rabid anti-Semites in the world. He is unable to know his lies hurt people. Gilad Atzmon knows he hurt people and likes it.

Anonymous said...

Dos'nt Glen Greenwald like Alan Hart?

Anonymous said...

Dos'nt Glen Greenwald like Alan Hart?

Adam Holland said...

Glenn Greenwald, the Salon columnist, did indicate via Facebook that he "liked" the loony conspiracy theorist Alan Hart. Greenwald's image and name appeared as an endorsement on every Facebook link generated by Hart, including on Hart's website. When I pointed this out on my blog, Greenwald responded in his typical well reasoned and thoughtful way by calling the story "an idiot lie". The truth of the matter, he claimed, was that "spam" caused his Facebook account to indicate that he liked Alan Hart. When I asked how such a thing was possible, he replied that the subject was simply too tedious to discuss, then went to work concealing his tracks on Facebook by changing his privacy settings.

Now whose version of those events was really "an idiot lie", Glenn?


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