Friday, August 19, 2011

The madness of Gilad Atzmon. He declares "I am a philosopher", then denies the Holocaust

Gilad Atzmon seems to be under the impression that he's Spinoza. After quoting Spinoza and declaring himself to be a philosopher critiquing politicians, Atzmon states that the basic tenet of his belief system is that Jews are to blame for anti-Semitism

(A)s long as Jews operate politically, culturally and socially within exclusive racially oriented cells, be it Israel, Zionism, Jewish ‘anti’ Zionist networks or even ‘Jews only’ football clubs , they will encounter problems.

He goes on to ask whether that whole "Auschwitz was a death camp" thing was just a big Jewish lie.

“If the Nazis ran a death factory in Auschwitz-Birkenau, why would the Jewish prisoners join them at the end of the war? Why didn’t the Jews wait for their Red liberators?”

Atzmon's writings resemble nothing so much as a weird anti-Semitic variation on Shock Corridor. That movie featured a black character who believed himself to be a white racist, dressing in Klan robes, carrying racist signs and attacking a black patient who tries to drink from a water fountain. That character's delusion, that he could throw off the emotional weight of racism by identifying with racists, has much in common with Atzmon's delusion. Atzmon's distortion of history to deny the Holocaust and blame its victims, his opposition to Jews having the same rights as other ethnicities to act as a group (a taboo so great for Atzmon that it apparently applies not only to Israel, and to political, cultural and social organizations, but even to "football clubs"), and his defense of terrorist violence against Jews who violate this taboo, all point to his identification with an extreme form of bigotry: the opposition to Jewish existence. This presents Atzmon with a fundamental problem: for a Jew to advocate opposition to Jewish existence, he must navigate a conundrum. For these reasons, Atzmon has come to the conclusion that he is Spinoza, a great philosopher who was rejected by the Jewish community for questioning its core beliefs .

For Atzmon, this bizarre delusion has become an imperative. If he weren't Spinoza, he would be something much more pathetic, and that would simply be intolerable.


Daniel ??? said...


It is clear to me, that Atzmon is now struggling to buy his "red book", as no one wants to have any debate anymore with this psycho, he went back to his usual tactic, meaning he splits into two persons.
as he usualy does in blogs as Veterans today and Mondowiess, using names as MB and Yocheved and may other names.
Where using the other name he asks the short question and then gives the long answer.

This is the first time his mental situation took over and he uses this tactic in an article.
There is NO DANIEL COHEN (see what a name he looked for "red bendit Cohen" its all the same sick mind of Atzmon.

Adam Holland said...

I've read elsewhere that Atzmon seems to make very clumsy use of sock puppets. The text of the interview did have the feel of having been written, not spoken. That combined with the alleged use of a pseudonym for the other party raised further suspicion in my mind that this is a completely canned "interview".

Atzmon was interviewed by the anti-Zionist blogger Phil Weiss recently. It's possible that the Weiss interview either served as the inspiration for a phony one or that "Daniel Cohen" really is Weiss. I tend to think that your suspicion of absurdly clumsy sock puppetry is correct.

By the way, I think you meant to write that you think this an effort on Atzmon's part to sell his book, not buy it.

Daniel ??? said...


Sure I ment he is trying to selllll his red book, wonder how many looneys are going to buy this waste of paper.

BTW, I don't like Phil Weiss at all, but even he understood after someone opened his "anti" eyes, that Atzmon is playing his games with him and he kicked him out of his blog.....
Guess he was the last anti Zionist that thought that Atzmon will serve his cause....
Atzmon even gives anti Zionist a bad name.
In Mondowiess and veterans today, you can see clearly how Atzmon = MB are playing the same game as in this articles with made up names.
MB (Aztmon ) is asking questions and gives the answers.
Read some of MB comments, see if it not exactly Atzmon Dialectic.

BTW in Veterans today there are Few who are suspicious that he write the whole article, so he came out to defend himself.
"Gilad Atzmon
August 18, 2011 - 11:53 am
Hello Art and Richard, you are actually wrong, it is not fabricated or edited… Daniel Cohen is a real and very respected person. DC circulated the original exchange to some of his Jewish political allies. I will actually expose their names soon. If I would fabricate or interfere with the natural balance of the exchange, DC’s allies would let us know. Seemingly, they are very quiet. I guess that DC and his friends know that they do not have an argument. …"

There is another nut case in the UK anti Zionist Marxist Tony Greenstein who usualy plays around with Atzmon.....


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