Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guardian lies to defend deadly terrorist attack on Israelis

The bodies of the seven innocent civilians killed in a Palestinian terrorist attack on an Israeli bus are not yet cold, but the Guardian has already published two deceptive reports designed to justify their murder. (Read here: How the Guardian downplays terrorist attack on innocent Israelis � CiF Watch) In the attack, a civilian bus was strafed by multiple automatic weapons while travelling to the Israeli resort town Eilat near the border with Egypt. The Guardian deceptively reported the attack as being on "a bus carrying soldiers", presumably based on the fact that there were some off duty soldiers among the passengers. In this way, the Guardian cynically attempts to deceive their readers into believing that a terrorist act resulting in the deaths of innocent civilians was, in fact,aimed at the Israeli military.

Even taking into consideration the Guardian's longstanding bias against Israel, this rush on their part to rationalize the arbitrary slaughter of civilians is heartless and outrageous.

CiF Watch has posted the following screen shots of the Guardian's coverage of the attack which resulted in the deaths of Israeli civilians.

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