Sunday, August 21, 2011

Carlos Latuff blocks Adam Holland on Twitter

I guess I was just too offensive for him.

Carlos Latuff, for those who don't know, took second prize in the International Holocaust Cartoon Competition sponsored by the Iranian regime in 2006.  

Latuff's Israel shtick is a simple one: he draws cartoons depicting Israelis as Nazis. It's not exactly brain surgery for him to do this, but the tedium of saying precisely the same thing over and over must be a challenge for him.

On occasion, he slips up and shows a side of himself that he would rather conceal.  The following widely-published Latuff cartoon manages simultaneously to use a metaphor invented by the Nazis and to compare Israel to Nazi Germany.   Below Latuff, is the original 1938 version by the Nazi cartoonist Josef Plank, who published under the pseudonym "Seppla".

Datei:Ship to Gaza by Latuff.gif

Which brings me to the apparent reason that Latuff blocked my twitter account. It all goes back to something I wrote on Twitter in response to Latuff tweeting that he was just an anti-Zionist, not anti-Jewish or anti-Buddhist, etc.  All I tweeted was that Latuff is as anti-Zionist as the next guy, if the next guy is Hermann Goering. I guess that was just too offensive for Latuff, the second-prize winner in Iran's Mock the Holocaust contest.

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