Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cynthia McKinney on Libyan state TV to support Qaddafi regime (VIDEO)

Yesterday, Cynthia McKinney was given air time on Jamahirya, Libya's state TV station, to give a rambling statement in support of the Qaddafi regime. Could this be the beginning of her campaign to succeed Qaddafi?

Among the odder moments in this very odd video is the point at about 22 minutes into it (!) where McKinney complains that working class young people in the U.S. sometimes have to join the military to find employment. While that might be a legitimate complaint to make in a U.S. speech, it seems an odd one to make in Libya, where some young Libyans are currently compelled to join the military to kill other young Libyans in order to keep the regime in power.

At 25 minutes into the video, McKinney's statement is interrupted when a purportedly live video on a split screen shows smoke billowing from a recent explosion intercut with shots of a celebrating crowd of demonstrators. Oddly, the recorded audio at this point is censored. McKinney asks "is that a bomb"? The hosts explain that the Qaddafi compound has been the target of missile strikes every day or two for some time. They go on to claim that crowds spontaneously form outside the compound after such an attack in order to express their unbridled love for the dictator.

"People dancing and they don't care. ... The people of Libya standing still, they are not scared of the bombing!"

After this, McKinney is given time for a concluding statement in which she states that the NATO action against Qaddafi is a form of "collective punishment as done by the Israelis" in that it is designed to deprive the Libyan people of food and medicine, which she equates with Israel's treatment of Gaza. She goes on to call on her fellow Americans to come together to end the fighting in Libya.


Talhe said...

Jesus. She's like a younger, female version of Ramsey Clarke, only she can't even offer legal aide to whatever despot she's cheering for this week.

Oh Crap said...

McKranky is back on Mullahvision TV, again


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