Wednesday, July 29, 2009

GOP congressman compares Obama to Hitler

Appearing on Alex Jones' wacky conspiracy theory radio show, Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert has claimed that President Obama's health care plan will be a form of socialism which will "kill senior citizens". He also claimed that the government will "tell you what you eat, what you drink, how you exercise, (and) where you live". He was just getting started. He went on to state that the government will mandate when Americans will be permitted to have children, comparing this to a government program to limit the population of wild horses.

Then there was this exchange of ideas:

JONES: Did you hear about the (White House) science czar calling for putting stuff in the water to sterilize us?

GOHMET: No, I had not heard that. [...]

GOHMERT: People are always willing to give up their liberty to get economic stability.

JONES: Look at Hitler.

GOHMERT: Absolutely. Boy that’s the best example, maybe the best example. […]

JONES: As the Time magazine headline said, we’ve almost got national health care. They’ve almost got eugenics control grid over us. Can you speak to your website, how we help you. In closing, the youth brigades, national service compulsory in a group outside the military under the Democratic party control in the city year in the red and black uniforms? [...] In closing, and we’re going to let you go sir, the youth brigades, national compulsory service, the Democrats have introduced those bills. Your take on that?

GOHMERT: Well you just referred to that point in history where this stuff has been done before. It was done in the 1930s and its not the only place its been done. It has been done throughout history.

JONES: Mao did it.

GOHMERT: Well that’s exactly what I was thinking of. This is the kind of the thing we got to stop. We got to get back to the roots, the basics.
The Think Progress website, in a piece called Gohmert Trades Ideas With Conspiracy Theorist, Says Obama Health Plan Will ‘Absolutely Kill Senior Citizens’, points out that Republican attempts to derail health care reform initiatives have increasingly resorted to charges that reform will kill the elderly. As explained here and here and here, these tactics are part of a Republican plan to derail health care reform through deception and by adding poison pill amendments.

Concerning Alex Jones, they point out that he

"has made a name for himself propagating conspiracies ranging from the claim that Bill Clinton planned the Oklahoma City bombings to the idea that the attacks on 9/11 were orchestrated by a cabal of American and Israeli government officials."

AUDIO OF THE INTERVIEW is online here.

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Congressman Louie Gohmert (Rep., Texas)

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