Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Southern Poverty Law Center Report: 75 Far-Right Attacks

Let anyone who argues that the United States doesn't have a serious problem with far-right terrorism read this report: Terror from the Right

This report give brief descriptions of the authors describe as 75 plots, conspiracies and racist rampages since the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing in April, 1995. Every one of these attacks resulted from the continuing influence of racist and far-right ideologies.


Mike H said...

The SPLC?!? Dont make me fucking laugh.

Adam Holland said...

Mike H:

After you stop laughing, wash your mouth out with soap. Then comment again with something substantial about the SPLC, if you've got it. Otherwise, why bother commenting?

Oldguy said...

You know I have no doubt that there are extreme right wing groups in this country that do pose a significant threat.
But middle aged grandmothers against abortion or individuals who doubt the wisdom of changing the marriage laws shouldn't count simply on first amendment grounds.
The SPLC has a tendency to condemn groups not on their actions but by their beliefs.

This list is a good compendium based on criminal acts, but who the SPLC's lists should most times be taken with a grain of salt.

Adam Holland said...


I didn't notice any "middle aged grandmothers" on the list, did you?

Oldguy said...

>I didn't notice any "middle aged grandmothers" on the list, did you?< least not on this one...but who knows what the future will bring?

Beth said...

" least not on this one...but who knows what the future will bring?"

This is the same fallacious kind of argument that supports 9/11 troofers: as in, if you can imagine it, it must have happened!

I'm afraid too many of my fellow conservatives have drunk the anti-SPLC kool-aid, without having actually researched the SPLC website. They aren't the knee-jerk leftists so many imagine, and the work they do exposing real extremism is vitally important.

Beth said...

BTW, to the naysayers - I suggest you read the report and decide if you feel these incidents warrant your dismissal. I would hope you'd find them as troubling as if they were committed by extreme-Left groups. Don't take "far-right" as equal to "conservative." Anyone with a brain can see plainly that these are not run of the mill "right-wing" conservatives. They're the lunatic fringe, not so different from the lunatic fringe on the Left (or loony anarchists).

Anonymous said... You may want to look at this AH


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