Friday, July 24, 2009

Buchanan pal already back to stupid bigot tricks

James Edward's reformation didn't last long. He claimed that his recent bigoted posts were due to job-related stress. He just couldn't handle seeing sexually suggestive commercials. That's what made him rave like a Nazi. (Read here.)

He seems to have returned to normal (for him) rather quickly. He's already written (here) that

"Jonathan Klein, the Jewish president of CNN/US, has responded to the Jewish president of the SPLC’s demand that Lou Dobbs be fired, by not so subtly ordering Dobbs and his staff to quit talking about Obama’s birth certificate, because “the story is dead”."

He's also referred (here) to the SPLC as the "Semitic Poofter Libel Crew".

I wonder if Lou Dobbs, who has been complaining on the air that he is the victim of the "left-wing media", will appreciate the support of the David Duke demographic. I suspect that this will not help his case.

UPDATE (10/2/2009): This post has received more nuisance comments than any I have ever posted. On a daily basis, it gets spammed with obscene comments drawn from Japanese porn websites. (I moderate the comments on this blog, so you never see this stuff.)

I had no idea that a) racists have so much free time on their hands and b) that they like Japanese porn websites. Who knew?

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