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Buchanan's friend the Jew-hater now claims to be a "liberal" hater

Ever wonder what Pat Buchanan's friends say about Jews in private? No need to wonder. Here's what Buchanan friend James Edwards says in public:

"Vile Jew" here.

"Classic piece of Jewish garbage" here.

On Sarah Palin: "great for Jews and Mexican, horrible for white folks" (Read here.)

"Rep. Jane Harman: another Jewish traitor for Israel". (Read here.)

The Holocaust Museum shooting and Dr. Tiller assassination were only covered by the media because "a white man, a right-winger, did it". (Read here.)

"Jews and their lackeys (are) demanding that the Pope do something about a couple priests who’ve committed the blasphemous sin of questioning the MSM (mainstream media) spin on World War 2" (i.e. that the Holocaust occurred). (Read here.)

"Jews and free speech don't mix". (Read here.)

"Jewish homosexual to head Chicago Public Schools". (Read here.)

Jews are responsible for the gay rights movement (which he objects to, of course). (Read here.)

Holocaust denier David Irving is a "survivor of the Jewish holocaust against free speech". (Read here.)

KKK and neo-Nazi leader David Duke is "the most outspoken voice for white Americans, (who was) arrested (in Prague) for saying things Jews don't approve of." (Read here.)

Of course, James Edwards has been writing this way for years, so these comments don't come as a surprise. What comes as a surprise is this, posted on his website yesterday:

"Sometimes when I run across certain stories, and I blog about them, I let my emotions get the best of me, and in my anger I use phrases and words I later regret. That’s happened a lot lately, so I've gone through and edited some recent posts. New readers shouldn't get the wrong idea from a couple of posts out of over a thousand…stick around, check the site out, and give the blog and radio show a chance."

For some reason, Edwards now claims to have seen the light. He's gone back to edit two recent posts to change references to "Jews" to "liberals". That "vile Jew" referred to above became a "liberal". Another post titled Why are Jews despised all over the world? was edited to read Why are liberals despised all over the world? . The lead of the latter article originally read "To Jewish advertising agencies, white women are nothing but whores." Now it reads "To liberal advertising agencies, white women are nothing but whores."

Edwards forgot, however, to change the categories that post is filed under. He still has it filed under the tags "Hatred of White People" and "Jews".

Edward now claims that he wrote those two bigoted posts because he got all worked up over the issue he was writing about and lost his head. Those posts dealt with sexually suggestive advertisements for Burger King and Sprite. I can see how something like suggestive advertising can cause someone to lose their head and suddenly turn into a Nazi.

[UPDATE (7/24/09 8 pm): Edward's reformation didn't last long. Read here.]

Edwards, who hosts a radio program called the Political Cesspool, is associated with the racist organization Council of Conservative Citizens, originally known as the White Citizens' Councils. He has cited neo-Nazi David Duke as his hero and inspiration, and worked with Duke to organize a conference of the racist group EURO in Memphis in November, 2008. (Read here.)

More about Edwards here and here and here. Video here. Read here and here for background on the CCC. Here is the CCC's webpage commemorating Black History Month, which they devote to promoting the idea that Martin Luther King was a communist.

Here is a cesspool webpage honoring the cop who arrested Rosa Parks, neo-Nazi Holocaust denier Mark Weber, and Pat Buchanan. According to that page, Pat Buchanan's website also posted his Political Cesspool interview. Edwards has ungrammatically stated about his radio program that "their confirmation as a powerhouse in the movement was cemented" when Pat Buchanan appeared on the show in 2006. Read here. In 2000, Edwards was a Buchanan delegate at the Reform Party's national convention, and was a national committee member for that party. In 2002, Edwards ran for the Tennessee State Assembly on the ticket of a breakaway faction of the Reform Party associated with Buchanan called the America First Party. (Read here.)

By the way, the Political Cesspool program promotes something called the Luftwaffe Aircrew Re-enactors Association.

My previous posts about Edwards are available here and here and here and here and here. The Southern Policy Law Center has called Edwards "the nexus of hate in America". (Read here.) Read the cesspool's guest list here.

James Edwards is pictured below with Pat Buchanan, a baseball bat (wrong grip for playing baseball -- right grip for threatening a racially-motivated beating), and a Confederate battle flag.

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Here's some more of what Buchanan's friend has been saying about Jews.

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