Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Solomonia: The Green/Islamist/Racist Convention

The latest from Solomonia is a stunning expose of the connection between the Green-Rainbow party (the name the Green Party goes by in Massachusetts) and a variety of anti-Semites, Islamists and other assorted crackpots. No one should take these Greens at face value, as environmentalists, as human rights advocates. These are not the idealistic but practical Greens of Germany. These Green-Rainbow supporters are the stuff that shakes loose and falls out of real political parties. These aren't the campaigners against abuses by any government, regardless of orientation. These are the defenders of the Janjaweed and the Khartoum regime, the enablers of Sudan's Darfur genocide. These are not the Greens who participated in the unmasking of "ex-" Nazis in power in German businesses and corporations. These are the Holocaust deniers, the "anti-Zionist" conspiracy nuts, the ones who know who to blame for everything. Incredibly, some of them even support David Duke.

In other words, Solomonia explores the point where the Greens go over the rainbow. Apparently, in this version of the Wizard of Oz, their shirts turn brown.

read: Solomonia: The Green/Islamist/Racist Convention

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