Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sabeel Conference in Berkeley this weekend

from Lee Kaplan's Blog:

A combination of Arab petrodollars, Marxist zeal and good old-fashioned anti-Semitism
will be on hand at Sabeel's conference in Berkeley this weekend.

What is Sabeel? It's the PLO's answer to Christian loyalty to scripture and the land of Israel.

Some of Sabeel's nonsense includes the idea that Jesus was not a Jew but a Palestinian Arab, despite the fact even the term "Palestine" was not invented until long after Jesus' death. Sabeel acolytes claim they seek a two state solution for peace in fund raisers, the same as any other ISM group, but in private they call for
a single state with the Jews under Arab rule.

In 2003 I attended a national conference of the ISM at Ohio State where someone mentioned at a seminar on how to put a good face on suicide bombings that the Bible was being "reinterpreted" so it would no longer be sympathetic to the Jews. I remember laughing at the notion.

But what I failed to consider was the amount of funding and tenacity of the movement to destroy Israel. Ill report back later about the Sabeel event in Berkeley. I understand that Huwaida Arraf who founded the ISM and admits to working with Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the PFLP will be lecturing there and recruting again for her ISM
groups. And Paul LaRudee who I got deported from Israel a little over a year ago will be lecturing with her. Both claim they support "legitimate resistance" (translate that to "terrorism") but are now speaking for Christians in America who want Israel dismantled. Of course, there will be no discussions about suicide bombings or the fact that the Arabs have fired hundreds of missiles into Israel since the forced evacuation of Jews from Gaza. In fact, this obscenity of a "Christian conference" will feature groups like Alison Weir of If Americans Knew who has written anti-Semitic articles for Nazi David Duke's website. Alison used to pass out literature at ISM events that claimed the Jews perpetuated the Holocaust on themselves to create Israel. Now she's trying to appear like she seeks reconciliation
throught the Church. Naim Ateek, the religious leader of Sabeel has openly said Israel has no right to exist, and Palestine Remembered is a major sponsor of the Conference. Palestine Remembered is linked to Al Awda (The Return), a group whose international convention I got kicked off the UC Riverside campus, and lists all the spots where allegedly Arabs lived in 1948 that must be retaken by Palestinians in what for publicity purposes Sabeel says is supposed to be an Israeli state living side by side with a new Palestinian one.

Its all,in fact, another ruse to promote anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism in US churches. IF you research the speakers, they are all pan-Arabists or Marxists who have always advocated destroying Israel.

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Anonymous said...

Apparently this conference featured such egregious anti-Semitism that the peace group Women in Black protested it.

(another blogger who attended Sabeel)

"A singular bright spot was seeing the Oakland Women In Black silently protesting in front, as people were entering the grounds. At some point, a livid troll ran past screaming that he needed a felt-tip pen, he was going to make a sign warning people about the Oakland Women In Black, because they weren't REAL Women in Black (correct, some of them had beards), they..... were..... EVIL ZIONISTS!!!"


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