Friday, August 24, 2007

Mainline Protestant book for children filled with misinformation about Israel

from Solomonia:

"Another Book about Israel, Another Series of Bad Sources"

Sources found in the Juvenile section of the library (seriously), Dowdified quotes (lying with ellipsis), faked-up massacres, mischaracterized UN Resolutions...what else but another source book for Mainline American Protestants learning about the Israeli/Arab conflict? Dexter Van Zile has gone through Rev. Dr. Gary Burge's Whose Land? Whose Promise?: What Christians Are Not Being Told About Israel and the Palestinians and examined the sources. In the process, we get a nice resource for debunking many of the canards we see cropping up again and again, as Dexter provides his own source material. The book is published by a publisher owned by the United Church of Christ, Van Zile's own denomination: Book Embraced by Mainline Marred With Errors

  • Rev. Dr. Burge portrayed an essay by well-known commentator Daniel Pipes as offering a message exactly the opposite of what Daniel Pipes actually wrote.
  • Rev. Dr. Burge attributed a quote to David Ben-Gurion that had been exposed as false and fabricated several years before publication of Whose Land? Whose Promise? (The book the author cites as the source for the quote in question – a work book intended for high school-age students – does not include the quote in question.)
  • Rev. Dr. Burge falsely stated that Israeli-Arabs are denied membership in Israel’s labor movement, when in fact, one of the books he cites reports that Israeli-Arabs had been allowed full membership in Israel’s largest union – the Histadrut – since 1959.
  • Rev. Dr. Burge falsely reported that Israeli-Arabs are barred from the service in Israel’s military.
  • Rev. Dr. Burge falsely reported that Israeli-Arabs are prohibited from joining Israel’s major political parties.
  • Rev. Dr. Burge mis-characterized UN Resolution 242 as requiring Israeli withdrawal to its “pre-1967 borders” when in fact it does not.
  • Rev. Dr. Burge portrays Hezbollah as a “resistance organization” when in fact its political agenda and leaders clearly state the organization is dedicated to the destruction of Israel – a fact he omits in his description.
  • Rev. Dr. Burge portrays the founding of the PLO as an attempt to resolve the problem of Palestinian refugees created by the 1948 war when in fact its founding was motivated by a desire for the destruction of Israel.

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