Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ron Paul believes in "an international conspiracy to create a 'One-World' government"

More madcap "common sense" from Rep. Paul, the sort that seems to appeal to so many confused souls. He thinks that there's a conspiracy to create a world government involving 25,000 people in our universities and "congresses". I guess that 25,000 is a rough figure?


YouTube - Ron Paul on Globalists

(apologies for poor video quality)


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Adam Holland said...

Thanks for sending us a link to that clip of George Bush Sr. using the phrase "New World Order". I, for one, am now firmly convinced that the entire planet is ruled by a secret society conspiring to create a one world government.

(Please note: the previous was sarcasm and should not be taken literally. As far as I know, there is no one world government conspiracy, and George Bush Sr. did not publicly proclaim its existence by using the phrase "New World Order". That phrase, which was coined by a speech writer attempting to give Bush a gravitas transplant, was almost entirely without significance.)


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