Monday, July 23, 2007

Wonkette descends into blatant anti-Semitism

As a Jew who's lived in small town America, both rural and suburban, I've had experience with this peculiar phenomenon: the not-very-clever person who believes it funny to replace the word "New" in "New York" with the word "Jew". This "pun" ranks with references to the "Jew store" and to bargaining as "Jewing down".

As bad as this is, Wonkette also finds it amusing to call Rudy Giuliani "Jew-liani", a "joke" worthy of the neo-Nazi websites that have probably already done this.

What is this trash doing on a main stream liberal political blog like Wonkette? And why on earth hasn't someone there figured out, since it was posted, that this is wrong: offensive, stupid and pointless? Don't they understand that they discredit any point they believe they're making. They make themselves, their bigotry and bad taste, the issue.

I pity the fool who thought this was amusing.

Those with high tolerance for bigotted trash, read it here.

UPDATE (7/1/2008):
Either Wonkette has eleted the above referenced post or the link is bad. An archived version is available here.

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