Friday, July 6, 2007

Bad CAIR day

from Existential Space: A Bad June for CAIR

CAIR had a disastrous month, in terms of both finances and public relations. With a budgetary goal of $250,000, according to CAIR's own statistics, they raised only $59,666 for the entire month - less than one-quarter (23.8%) of what they needed to make budget. In the period between June 20th and the end of the month, CAIR only raised $5,880 ($53,786 raised by 6/20) and $2,929 in the last week of the month - barely one percent (1.17%) of its monthly goal.

This has been a bad time for CAIR's finances to bottom out:

* Earlier this month, NY Sun reporter Josh Gerstein broke the news ("Islamic Groups Names in HAMAS Funding Case", 06/04/07) that CAIR has been named by federal prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in an upcoming HAMAS terrorism financing trial in Texas. (See my follow-up article, "CAIR Fingered by Feds")
* Then the organization received even more bad news following the Washington Times story that CAIR membership had dropped 90% since 9/11 to a staggering membership low of 1,700 for 2006, a story I had previously reported in February ("Numbers Don't Lie") and May ("CAIR by the Numbers") at FrontPage, and in a blog post ("Honey, I've Shrunk the HAMAS Front Group!").

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