Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hamas was paid millions for Johnston's release

from MEMRI blog:

"Palestinian Sources: Johnston Released In Deal Between Hamas, Jaysh Al-Islam

Sources close to Jaysh Al-Islam [Army of Islam] have revealed that the organization received $5 million and a million Kalashnikov rifle bullets in a deal for the release of BBC correspondent Alan Johnston.

According to Palestinian sources, Jaysh Al-Islam commander Mumtaz Daghmoush received a guarantee from Hamas that he would not stand trial for crimes he was suspected of carrying out, and that Hamas would release Jaysh Al-Islam's spokesman, whom it was holding.

Further, Hamas and Jaysh Al-Islam agreed not to reveal which operations they had carried out jointly.

Dismissed Palestinian prime minister Isma'il Haniya denied that there had been a deal or preconditions in the matter of Johnston's release."

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