Saturday, July 7, 2007

Estonian justice minister puts on Nazi extravaganza

According to media reports, Rein Lang, the justice minister of Estonia, has crossed the line that divides, on the one hand, the typical rationalizations for collaborationism, from, on the other hand, outright Nazism. For those of us who couldn't attend the festivities, here's a recap:


Estonian minister marks jubilee under aegis of Nazi Swastika

TALLINN, July 5 (Itar-Tass) - Estonia’s Voluntary Movement in Defense of the Monument to Soviet Liberator Soldier in Tallinn, which calls itself the Nighttime Vigil, issued a statement Thursday voicing indignation over misconduct on the part of Justice Minister Rein Lang, who marked his 50th jubilee under the aegis of the Nazi Swastika.
“The Justice Minister marked his 50th jubilee July 4 in the city of Tartu in a pub with an ominous name Pussirohukelder /Gunpowder Cellar/,” the statement said. “In the course of celebrations, he widely used Nazi symbols.”
“The invitation tickets Lang sent out indicated, among other things, the highlight of the night will be a one-man production titled Adolph – a posthumous monologue by the Fuhrer against the background of a Swastika-carrying banner,” it indicated.

“The show modeled in the form of the Fuhrer’s impromptu appeal to the allies contained calls for carrying on the ideas of the Reich,” the movement said. “More than that, Lang asked the guests to be dressed in the style of Munich’s beer cellars of the 1930’s.”

Nighttime Vigil leaders plan to launch an enquiry with the Estonian government asking it to provide a public assessment of Lang’s actions.

The movement also says it will demand Lang’s resignation.

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