Friday, July 6, 2007

Nanking: the forgotten Holocaust

A piece about "The Forgotten Holocaust", a new documentary about the Rape of Nanking. Read it at the China Daily. Here's a brief excerpt:

"When they traveled to Japan to continue the filming, a number of Japanese in the crew quit, saying it was too dangerous a job and would bring shame to their families. It was something Guttentag had never encountered before in his career.

'There are people who still claim the incident never happened,' he said. 'But we have forensic evidence, photographic evidence and film evidence, and there's eyewitness testimony. What else do you need?'

Fortunately, there is not only one voice in Japan and Guttentag received a lot of help from locals.

Matihuka, a Japanese elementary school teacher, rang people's doorbells with the camera running, and started the conversation with 'Can you talk about the incident?'

She generously let the crew use her footage, including interviews with veteran Japanese soldiers talking about their experience in the horrible winter in Nanjing."

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