Sunday, April 1, 2007

Those darn forgetful Republicans!!

Giuliani Says Ties to Kerik May Hurt Him With Voters - New York Times

...Mr. Kerik pleaded guilty last year in a New York State court to two misdemeanor charges, admitting that he illegally accepted $165,000 in free renovations of his apartment from a contracting company, Interstate Industrial Corporation, which city regulators suspect of having ties to organized crime.

The Times reported on Friday that Mr. Giuliani, testifying under oath in April 2006, told a grand jury that the former city commissioner of investigation remembered briefing him on some aspects of Mr. Kerik’s relationship to Interstate in 2000, before he named Mr. Kerik as police commissioner.

Mr. Giuliani had previously said publicly that he had not known of those connections until years later.

Mr. Giuliani said he did not recall any of the briefings remembered by the chief investigator, Edward Kuriansky. He suggested that perhaps he had forgotten them because Mr. Kuriansky had cleared Mr. Kerik to be elevated to the post.

He said appointment calendars kept by Mr. Kuriansky do not show that he was briefed on Interstate. But partially redacted copies of the calendars, which were provided to The Times by New York City, list one meeting of a kind that Mr. Giuliani typically attended at which a former Interstate employee, who was also a close friend of Mr. Kerik, was listed as a topic for discussion...

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