Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Modern racists claim many blacks fought for the Confedaracy, falsify evidence.

Retouching History
The Modern Falsification of a Civil War Photograph
Jerome S. Handler and Michael L. Tuite, Jr.

“In the past decade,” the Yale historian David Blight has recently written, “the neo-Confederate fringe of Civil War enthusiasm . . . has contended that thousands of African Americans, slave and free, willingly joined the Confederate war effort as soldiers and fought for their ‘homeland’ . . . . Slaves’ fidelity to their masters’ cause - - a falsehood constructed to support claims that the war was not about slavery - - has long formed one of the staple arguments in Lost Cause ideology.”

In this paper we discuss a graphic example of Blight’s contention by
examining a Civil War-era posed studio photograph of black Union
soldiers with a white officer. We maintain that this photograph has
been deliberately falsified in recent years by an unknown person/s
sympathetic to the Confederacy. This falsified or fabricated photo,
purporting to be of the 1st Louisiana Native Guards (Confederate), has
been taken to promote Neo-Confederate views, to accuse Union
propagandists of duplicity, and to show that black soldiers were
involved in the armed defense of the Confederacy. As of the date of
this website this photograph is being sold on the web by an on-line
retailer, www.rebelstore.com, which promotes itself as “The Internet’s Original Rebel Store,” and advertises this photograph as a legitimate photo of “Members of the first all Black Confederate Unit organized in New Orleans in 1861.”


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