Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Israel: Little Support for Holocaust Survivors - New York Times

Nearly a third of the estimated 260,000 Holocaust survivors in Israel
are living in poverty and struggling to get state medical services or
sufficient pensions, according to a report by the Holocaust Survivors’
Welfare Fund. The report, timed to coincide with Holocaust Remembrance
Day, was delivered to Parliament on Sunday. Hundreds of survivors,
advocates and students marched outside the building in protest. “We
keep being very critical of those who have not admitted guilt or deny
that there was a Holocaust, but here we are ignoring the people who are
living in dire poverty,” said Collette Avital, a member of Parliament
who advocates for Holocaust survivors. Isaac Herzog, the social affairs
minister, asked to take control of the care for Holocaust survivors,
now under the Finance Ministry. “I feel deeply ashamed,” he said.

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