Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Alan Hart: If Alan Johnston is dead, who, really, was responsible?

Here, for all to see, is an example of paranoid anti-Israel bias, which in Britain circa 2007 is taken for sanity.

Alan Hart argues that, because the kidnapping and claimed murder of Alan Johnston harm the Palestinian cause, Israel MUST be responsible. Moreover, if the BBC doesn't allow its reporters to investigate Israel's responsibility, it MUST be because of pro-Israel bias. The logical fallacies, false assumptions and conspiracy theory paranoia pile up as Hart starts from his bigoted conclusion and, marching backwards, tramples the facts.

Hart's website states that he is the author of ''Zionism: the REAL enemy of the Jews'', and ''Zionism: the REAL enemy of the Jews, Volume 2''.


Anonymous said...

Methinks you protest too much. Is Hart getting too near the truth for your liking? Hart speaks of the crimes of a minority of Jews, the Zionist hawks, not "the Jews".

Zionism is a colonial ideology. Judaism is a religion. You are mischievously conflating two different things. Do you even know the history of Palestine-Israel? because most Israelis don't. They have been fed a pack of lies by the Zionist propaganda machine.

Read Pappe's "Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" yet? Didn't think so.

And, of course, Israel doesn't do targeted assassinations or drop cluster bombs and white phosphorus on civilian Lebanon. That is: commit war crimes. And Mossad doesn't do false flag black ops? Give me a break!

Adam Holland said...

My post concerned Hart's assumption that, because the Johnston kidnapping and potential murder are bad for Palestinians, Israel must be responsible. Your comment deals with other, more personal, issues -- issues concerning your need to justify an anti-Israel ideology. I find it interesting that the allegations you cite have absolutely no bearing on anything I wrote. Do you have anything at all to say about Hart's logical fallacies? If not I'll simply let your the intemperate tone of your comment about "the crimes of a minority of Jews" speak for itself. If and when the facts of this case come out, I assume that you'll have a road to Damascus moment and see the error of your ways.


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