Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mel Gibson Feigns Surprise at Bigotry Questions

Mel Gibson is promoting a new film and attempting to restart his career as an actor. In two recent interviews with entertainment reporters for local TV stations, both of whom are Jews, Gibson feigns surprise when they question him about his infamous, widely reported anti-Jewish outburst after a drunk driving arrest. In both of these interviews, he very obviously pretends that he didn't expect such questions to be asked, then attacks the interviewers.

Here's a video of the most recent interview where Gibson plays this odd game:

How can Gibson honestly claim to be shocked by these very obvious questions? He must know that this will come up. He is very clearly feigning surprise, and overacting to boot. (This guy really needs a director to tone down his reactions.) He's a very sick man.

This is the second time he's played this game in the last two weeks. In the first case, he very obviously pretends not to understand the question, before accusing the interviewer of being biased because he's Jewish. Watch this:

How is it that he's shocked every time this question comes up? Is it a coincidence that he's chosen to publicly vent his rage about this only at Jewish interviewers? Is Mel Gibson out of his freaking mind? Inquiring minds want to know.

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ModernityBlog said...

"I've done the mea culpa..."

Nah he ain't changed, just wait he'll get drunk and rant about Jews again, as sure as eggs are eggs.

It is just a matter of time with Gibson.


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