Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rep. Jason Chaffetz: 9/11 truther

from Think Progress (h/t AMERICAblog):

Last year, Fox News host and hate radio talker Glenn Beck launched a successful smear campaign again White House green jobs adviser Van Jones. One of Beck’s main accusations was the charge that Jones had once signed a “9/11 trutherpetition asking for another investigation of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Demanding that Jones resign, Beck called 9/11 truthers “truly disturbed people.” Recently, a truther organization called “We Are The Change” spoke to Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) — a friend of Beck and a frequent guest on his show — about reopening an investigation into 9/11. Chaffetz agreed with the activist, and even noted that he had spoken to professor Steven Jones, leading 9/11 truther, who Chaffetz said had done “interesting work”:

Q: A reopening into the investigation of 9/11?

CHAFFETZ: Well there’s a lot we still need to learn. Of course we want to look into that issue, look at every aspect of it. [...] Who was the BYU professor? [...] Steve Jones, yeah I’ve met with him. He’s done some interesting work.

Q: Have you given much thought to the possibility it was a false flag terrorist attack on 9/11?

CHAFFETZ: Well I know there’s still a lot to learn about what happened and what didn’t happen, we should be vigilant and continue to investigate that, absolutely.

Q: Appreciate that. We at We Are The Change believe it was a false flag terrorist attack, that the buildings came down with internally placed demolition.

Steven Jones advocates the idea that the World Trade Center was demolished not by plane crashes and the resulting fires, but by super-thermite explosives which were painted onto beams holding up the twin towers. That fantasy masquerading as a theory has been demolished as impossible by scientists who have actually tested this "theory" and reviewed the data objectively.

AMERICAblog points out that Rep. Chaffetz' main claim to fame is leading the opposition to gay marriage in the House.

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