Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What Pat Buchanan's friends are saying about Dr. Tiller's assassination

James Edwards, a staffer in Buchanan's 2000 presidential campaign who has a racist radio show appropriately called "Political Cesspool" (read here), has the following to say about the assassination of Dr. Tiller (read here):

I’m sure most Americans were shocked to hear that an abortionist was shot to death this weekend. The really shocking part was that it happened at his church - most abortionists attend synagogues.

Buchanan is a frequent friendly guest on Edwards' radio show (read here and here), a fact touted on Buchanan's website (read here), as well as neo-Nazi websites such as podblanc, Stormfront and David Duke's blog.  (Buchanan and Duke seem to be at the top of Edwards' cesspool pantheon.)  

Here, for your consideration, are three photos of the host of the cesspool program. First, with his inspiration, Patrick J. Buchanan, for whose presidential campaign he worked in 2000.

Next, posing with an anonymous friend apparently threatening to use baseball bats for something other than baseball.
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Last, a formal occasion with a confederate battle flag.

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Here's some more of what Buchanan's friend is saying about Jews.


Adam Holland said...

My sense is that a higher percentage of doctors in general are Jews. Can you cite a source for your data concerning abortion providers, or are you relying on the Political Cesspool?

Adam Holland said...

I haven't heard back from that reader, so I can only assume that he is too busy with statistical research to reply.


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