Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Neo-Nazis react to Holocaust Museum terrorism

Their take? There should be no Holocaust museum in the first place because Jews were somehow responsible for Stalin's murders. And

If Mr Von Brunn was younger, i would call him a bungler, killing an innocent? n****r, but because of his age, i will give him a pass for not wacking a sheeny or sheenies.

As you read that remember that the security guard who died did so defending a museum filled with visiting families including about 1,000 children. Also remember that the killer was someone with whom these people were very familiar. He'd been working with them for more than 40 years.

And then there's this, from TPM Muckraker:

Von Brunn Revered By Some Neo-Nazis

James Von Brunn appears to be a kind of revered elder statesman of the hardcore white supremacist movement.

A 2003 posting on the Neo-Nazi website Storm Front, by "The Celtic Pit Dog," asked readers to wish him good health after heart surgery and noted "I have heard many great things about this amazing man."

The poster wrote:

James W. von Brunn WW2 PT Boat Captain, White Nationalist, member of Mensa, the high-IQ society, owner of the web site This great White Nationalist served 6.5 years of a 11 year sentence in Federal Prison just had heart surgeory in Maryland. Wish him luck with his health. You can e mail him at I have never met Mr. vanBrunn but hope to meet him maybe the end of the summer. I have heard many great things about this amazing man from his son who I be-friended when he was living in Florida.

Another poster on Storm Front, Elena, wrote that she was nominating Von Brunn for the title of "white racialist treasure," and described his book about the imagined Zionist conspiracy, "Kill The Best Gentiles," as "a valuable resource." Elena asked other readers to send their own nominations for the title, and signed her post: "Blessed be the Pro-White Activists."

And it may be not just hardcore Neo-Nazis on the right who liked Von Brunn's work. A recent screed he wrote about President Obama's birth certificate wasposted on Free Republic, the conservative site.

Late Update: Free Republic has taken down Von Brunn's piece. But here's a cached version.

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