Thursday, June 11, 2009

White supremicist complains that there's too much coverage of Holocaust Museum shooting

White supremacist radio host and Pat Buchanan associate James Edwards has complained that the media is giving too much attention to the assassination of Dr. Tiller and the terrorist attack on the U.S. Holocaust Museum. (Read here.)

He writes:

You’ve been hearing about it all day. On every TV channel, radio station, and political website. And you’ll be hearing about it all day tomorrow. And all this week, and next week. And the week after that.

Just like we’re still hearing about the murder of George Tiller, and we’ll be hearing about it for years to come.

Why? Because in both cases a white man, a “right winger”, did it.

At least Edwards (unlike Michelle Malkin and Glenn Beck) admits that the shooter is a right-winger.

Now who does his theme of white men being victims of racism remind you of?

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