Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Holocaust Museum Shooter Had Close Ties to Prominent neo-Nazis | Hatewatch | Southern Poverty Law Center

from Hatewatch Southern Poverty Law Center: Holocaust Museum Shooter Had Close Ties to Prominent neo-Nazis

Law enforcement officials have identified the suspect in the Holocaust Museum
shootings as James Wenneker von Brunn, born in 1920, from the Eastern Shore of
Maryland. D.C. Police Spokeswoman Traci Hughes reportedly said the suspect
walked into the museum at about 1 p.m. ET with a rifle and shot a guard.

Von Brunn runs the website, which was listed in
2008 as a hate site by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Von Brunn has a long
history of associations with prominent neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers. In the
1980s or early 1990s, von Brunn was employed by Noontide Press, a part of the
Holocaust denying Institute of Historical Review, which was then run by Willis
Carto, one of America’s most prominent anti-Semites.

Von Brunn is the
author of the 1999 book, “Kill the Best Gentiles,” a racist and anti-Semitic
tome that argues that whites are seeing “today on the world stage a tragedy of
enormous proportions: the calculated destruction of the White Race and the
incomparable culture it represents. Europe, former fortress of the West, is now
over-run by hordes of non-Whites and mongrels.” A raging anti-Semite, von Brunn
blames “The Jews” for the destruction of the West. The book is dedicated to
prominent neo-Nazis and racists including Revilo Oliver and Wilmot Robertson.

In 2003, AP reported that von Brunn had painted a portrait of Rear Adm.
John Crommelin, a raging anti-Semite who was a close associate of neo-Nazi
William Pierce, whose book The Turner Diaries inspired Timothy McVeigh’s bombing
of the Oklahoma City federal building.

On his website, von Brunn also
claims that in 1981, while wearing a “London Fog raincoat to conceal his
weapons,” he attempted to put the whole Board of Governors of the Federal
Reserve under “legal, non-violent citizens-arrest.” He wanted “to bind their
hands and persuade them to appear on television.” The website says he was
sentenced to 11 years for his actions.

A raging anti-Semitic and racist
posting on the website attributed to “James Von Brunn”
says that “the Federal Reserve Act (1913) gave JEWS control of America’s Money.”
It also says that “America is a Third-World racial garbage dump–stupid,
ignorant, dead-broke, and terminal.” It ends with, “Prepare to die, Whitey.”

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Adam Holland said...


I get the feeling, after several years of looking at the subject, that the fanaticism of anti-Semites is a special case. Why that is, I can't say. But the analogies you cite in support of the argument that a nut-case is a nut-case brought home the fact that anti-Semitic nut-cases are somehow different. It's as if they believe that they have God on their side. I know of no comparably popular or all-encompassing belief in the hatred of such a small group of people.

It struck me again today that these people really believe that their conspiracy theories are a sort of unified field theory which explains all of history. Von Brunn acted on this insane belief to become part of this imaginary history.


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