Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Holocaust Museum Shooter was Ron Paul supporter; posted pro-Hitler messages on Ron Paul campaign website

James von Brunn, the alleged Holocaust Museum terrorist, supported Ron Paul in the 2008 presidential election. Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs (read here) has found that von Brunn posted pro-Nazi messages on the Ron Paul for President Yahoo! group website.

from RonPaulforPresident : Message: RE: PLEASE TAKE ME, DON'T HURT ME, I'M YOURS !

LOL! Get down brother! I can't wait to send this out.

--- On Mon, 12/15/08, James W. von Brunn wrote:


Remember, the un-Constitutional Federal Reserve Act (1913) gave JEWS control of America's MONEY. Followed by control of America's principal sources of information . Early on, during the war-torn 20th Century, the only broadcast networks : ABC, CBS, and NBC -- were JEW owned. Today, JEWS control ALL important sources of information (the major networks, Newspapers, Magazines, Book-publishing, Tin-Pan Alley, Music & Recording Industry, Hollywood, Encyclopedia Britannica, Public schools and Universities, the Catholic Church, etc.). Bit by bit Liberalism ascended. Bit by bit the Constitution was re-interpreted. Bit by bit government institutions and Congressmen fell into JEW hands -- then U.S. diplomacy, businesses, resources and manpower came under JEW control. White men sat on their collective asses and did NOTHING -- NOTHING BUT TALK. Never before in World history has a great Nation been conquered so completely, while offering NO physical resistance ! White talkers LOVE their Enemies. Today, on the World stage, White men are LAUGHED AT, their women taken, raped, and bred by stronger men. And America ? America is a Third-World racial garbage-dump -- stupid, ignorant, dead-broke, and terminal.

Prepare to die, White America -- you deserve it.

Heil Hitler ! James von Brunn



Anonymous said...

the catholic church attached itself to the peaceful message of Jesus Christ as the reason for the atrocities of the inquisition

Should we denounce the pope?

Charles Manson was inspired by the bible and claimed to be Jesus

Should Jesus be held to account for Chucks actions?

If Von Brunn supported Ron Paul's candidacy what does that have to do with Ron Paul?


Adam Holland said...

To answer your questions:

1) yes

2) no

3) Ron Paul's campaign essentially an old form of extreme right wing politics with which the public and media are no longer familiar. Among those who follow him are a sizable group of people who oppose all federal civil rights laws (as he does), radical interpretations of states rights including the right to secede (as he does), opposition to all federal taxation (as he does), conspiracy theories regarding bankers and "one-world" government (as he does), etc. This list could easily go on.

Paul is associated with the John Birch Society, authored over decades scores of racist writings, associates with racists groups like the CCC, appears on racist / conspiracy mongering radio programs, etc. This list could go on.

Even a cursory examination of which candidate was supported by racist groups indicate that they preferred Ron Paul by a wide margin. He took their campaign donations. He let them work in his campaign as county coordinators and internet organizers. He even let a neo-Nazi run as a delegate on his behalf in the Tennessee Republican primary. This list could easily go on.

Paul even continues to promote a pro-confederate, anti-Lincoln view of the civil war. How much more obvious must this be for you to say that he has some problems?

Adam Holland said...

to correct the glaring typo:

Ron Paul's campaign IS essentially an old form of extreme right wing politics

Adam Holland said...

another error spotted: the ronpaulians SUPPORT "radical interpretations of states rights including the right to secede (as he does)"


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