Sunday, July 17, 2011

A moment of silence

 . . . an extended moment that will last until next Sunday.

(Nothing new will be posted here until then; and comments won't be moderated.  I should have some interesting new stuff after that.)


Anonymous said...

I'm look forward to whatever interesting material you can find; you've a admirable tolerance towards the bile spewed by a wide variety of writers.

Adam Holland said...

Thank you Benjamin. (I guess those treatments for bile intolerance were successful.)

As far as trash-talking goes, I know about it from watching schoolyard basketball games. Some second-rate players who know they can't compete throw insults at the good players to distract them, get them to make stupid, angry fouls, and to look smart to less discerning spectators. The same applies in the world of blogs. The good players stick to what the facts support. The bad players throw insults.

Anonymous said...

I'd barely put your detractors at second rate; most (intelligent) people wouldn't affiliate their cause with racists and bigots like Mondoweiss.


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